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REAL Reviews about Purple Mattress (1)

Kingsley of Winder, GA Verified Reviewer

Original review: Dec. 12, 2022

The shipping is absolutely terrible. It's been over two weeks and we still haven't received our almost $3,000 mattress. We've had FedEx show up at our house for a delivery with the mattress not even on the truck. Purple can't do anything and there's apparently no one to talk to @ fedex about the issue. I filed a claim- their response was, "Your package is out for delivery ery today" - this was 2 days ago and still nothing. It shipped from the same state, it's a few miles down the road and we were told by FedEx reps we can't just go pick it up it has to be approved through the store, etc..

Best believe Purple Mattress has got their money yet we STILL don't have the mattress. It's frustrating. I don't think the mattress is worth all this if it was what they claim it to be. They'd use better shipping protocol for their product for starters. This is customer service in America these days. Trash. And people that are there for a paycheck and not there for helping others or problem solving. They need to go over their business plans and create new ones because these PLANS SUCK FOR THE CONSUMERS!

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REAL Reviews about Purple Mattress (2)

Mark of New Haven, CT Verified Reviewer

Original review: Dec. 6, 2022

(Video) Purple Mattress Review - AFTER 3 YEARS (Honest Opinion)

PURPLE PLUS QUEEN SIZE. PROS: The purple mattress is amazingly comfortable (while it lasts). Sleeps cool. CONS: Very Pricey for a mattress. I bought mine 8 years ago and it was supposed to last 20 years, they have since changed their warranty to a 10 year warranty. I bought another one before doing research and despite the "100 night trial" they WILL NOT refund you the price of the bedframe DESPITE the fact that the bed frame was unopened. They also told me they will take out a fee for return shipping (I'll have to see how much they're charging and update this at the time).

Returns involve calling the customer service line AND THEN filling out an email form with the exact same (and some personal) information on a website. Normally, if you use the bed you will have to wait 21 days before you can return it BUT if you soil the bed or stain it during that time they can deny you a refund. NOW, all this information is on their website. so if you buy a purple mattress, MAKE SURE TO READ ALL THE FINE PRINT. At the end of the day: $1800+ for only 8 years is too much for a mattress.

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REAL Reviews about Purple Mattress (3)

Paula of Albuquerque, NM Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: Aug. 14, 2022

I spent $3200.00 on the Purple 3, 2 and a half years ago. It was great for about 1.5 years. For the past year, my husband has been sleeping in our recliner because it's more comfortable for him. I've decided to stick it out by sleeping in the bed and I wake up aches and miserable. The bed has permanently sunk in about half an inch and has lost its luster. Now we're trying to get our money back or at least a replacement from Purple, and the results remain to be seen. For the cost of this mattress, I'd expect it to last much longer than 2.5 years. Do yourself a favor, run and don't look back.

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REAL Reviews about Purple Mattress (4)

Al of Jacksonville, FL Verified Reviewer

(Video) ONE YEAR LATER Purple Mattress FULL, HONEST Customer Review *not sponsored* | Purple Plus Mattress

Original review: Aug. 1, 2022

I bought the weighted blanket from Purple and when I ordered it they told me if I refer someone to buy the same weighted blanket using my Purple referral link and they complete their 100 night trial period without returning the product we both would be sent a $70 Amazon gift card from Purple each. Well guess what? I referred the weighted blanket to my sister, which she bought WITH MY LINK, and on her 101st day of owning her $300 weighted blanket... I contacted Purple to claim our $70 Amazon gift cards each... to my surprise, they told us both to pound sand... no Amazon gift cards for us... why? BECAUSE BOTH ORDERS WERE SHIPPED TO THE SAME RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS...

What a COMPLETE nonsense of an excuse to weasel out of a reward payout. I argued with them for a whole hour that my LINK was used as a referral to generate business for them and my sister DID buy it (with HER name and HER credit card), but NOPE, they wouldn't honor their Amazon gift cards deal because both orders were shipped to the same house... Mind you, this was NEVER mentioned on the offer's fine print OR details when we made the purchases. My sister could have easily shipped it to a friend's house if we knew this detail. What are they really thinking here? Do they think that we're going to spend $600 on weighted blankets to scam the company out of $140 worth of Amazon gift cards by shipping 2 orders to the same address? LOL! What an asinine experience...

Since then, my policy is to avoid Purple. I will not give this company a single dollar now or in the future. We were treated badly over a dumb $70 Amazon gift card. I probably would have considered buying a Purple mattress (as I need a new mattress soon), but honestly, after my experience with the weighted blankets, I'm not giving them any business at all. They literally lost $1000s of dollars worth of future business from me over a dumb Amazon gift card. Avoid Purple as a company, they feed on the YouTube hype machine, I don't mind the weighted blanket that I bought from them, but it's nothing special really. You can buy ANY weighted blanket from ANYWHERE and it'll do the same exact thing. In fact, the purple model is really hard to wash and maintain. Taking it apart to wash it is very difficult and takes an hour+. Overall, very disappointed with their business practices, bad company and bad customer care.

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REAL Reviews about Purple Mattress (5)

Original review: July 28, 2022

Had less than 2 years, side of mattress is separated, leaving a ridge that is uncomfortable. Purple said manufacturer defect, had to contact where purchased for warranty, now they tell me It's not, but will replace it or credit the amount of $1400 for different mattress or the cost of the mattress. (Was marked 100% + $2999.) I have to pay difference, still paying on the one I purchased. Purchased from Denver Mattress. What a rip off, warranty useless...

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REAL Reviews about Purple Mattress (6)

Thomas of Ambler, PA Verified Reviewer

(Video) Purple Hybrid Premier 4 Review and Return Process

Original review: July 12, 2022

Customer service is poor. Purchased a mattress from Purple in 2019, delivery service was poor. They just dropped it off at the house (I was home) did not set it up. Powerbase for mattress dropped working within a year. Purple will not issue any warranty service as it was manufactured by Reverie. Reverie does not respond to inquiries either by phone or e-mail. The name "Purple" is all over the powerbase frame. It was purchased through Purple. My experience with Purple and Reverie customer service has been poor. The bed is okay but I would advise trying another mattress company if you want good customer service.

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REAL Reviews about Purple Mattress (7)

Emily of Brandon, MS Verified Reviewer

Original review: May 11, 2022

This is ridiculous service for the amount of money spent. I ordered 3 things, a mattress, seat cushion, and sheets. Seat cushion arrived randomly without any tracking info, dirty, opened, and stepped on, I have yet to hear back from the warranty claim dept from 6 days ago. Sheets were ordered almost 2 full weeks ago, haven't shipped. The mattress HA who knows if it will ever arrive.

The "pilot freight company" never contacted me about WHEN I would be available for delivery, I just got a text message with the details saying "Your delivery will arrive on May 10 between 10am and 6 pm" - It is now May 11th and I have not heard from anyone from the freight company or from Purple. "You will receive a response within 24-48 hours". Ridiculous and unacceptable when you spend $4,000 with a company. They gave me a free pillow for "my inconvenience" - reviews are everywhere online with the same experience. Do yourself a favor and find another mattress company, DO NOT USE PURPLE.

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REAL Reviews about Purple Mattress (8)

myra of Olney, MD Verified Reviewer

Original review: April 4, 2022

(Video) Purple Mattress 3 Bed Review After 1 1/2 Years

I purchased a king size purple bed. On the website I was told that the company was going to install it. When I came home, I found the mattress outside (over 400 lbs) on the sidewalk. I am pregnant and I am petite. How was I supposed to bring that thing inside. Thank goodness it didn’t rain. The next day, I didn’t want to experience the same problem so I called the company. They couldn’t give me a time frame on when the base was going to be delivered. Later on, it just appeared on my front porch. After getting help to take the huge box inside, I found out that I was sent a wrong piece. They sent a wrong size bar. When I get a new bar in the mail, I will have to pick up the heavy bed and remove the purple plastic plank and try to place that bar inside.

This is the worst product and delivery. It makes it more frustrating when you have to call the company and explain your issue and then have to answer an automated email and repeat yourself more than once about what you are complaining about. I should have just purchased another Tempur-Pedic or a Sleep Number where people actually come out and help you.

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REAL Reviews about Purple Mattress (9)

Rick of Kitts Hill, OH Verified Reviewer

Original review: March 9, 2022

My teenager bought a purple mattress and frame. I know she really likes the way the mattress feels. The frame was "neat", extends, amazingly light. But in just over a year the middle metal bar across frame snapped off. Since bought directly from Purple was easy online to give email, address etc. and get warranty process started. But disappointed with strength of frame at this point in time. Very happy with customer service etc.

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REAL Reviews about Purple Mattress (10)

Edward of Pasadena, CA Verified Reviewer

Original review: Jan. 14, 2022

So I bought the basic $1000 mattress. At first I thought the mattress and pillow were awesome. But it could have just been my excitement. It's been about a year now and it's impossible to sleep on my stomach or side. After laying on my side or back for about 3 minutes my spine starts to hurt. This is possibly the worst bed I've ever had. So far sleeping on my back I'm fine. But I'm personally not a back sleeper, so I have to force myself. DO NOT BUY THIS BED.

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(Video) Purple Mattress Review | Reasons to Buy/NOT Buy


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