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The original Purple mattress was the first of three mattress types offered by the Purple company. It’s an all-foam mattress measuring 6 out of 10, or medium-firm, on the firmness scale and sold at budget price-points. The Purple is known as a cooling, low-cost, high-value mattress.

The largest difference between the Purple and thePurple Hybridand Purple Hybrid Premier options is that the Purple has a polyfoam support core, while the hybrid models have pocketed coil support cores. The Hybrid and Hybrid Premier models also come in firm (7) and medium (5) or medium firm (6) options, respectively. The other Purple mattresses come at a higher price-point than the original Purple.

The Purple Grid is a unique technology present in all Purple mattresses. This grid of hyper-elastic polymer sits in the comfort layers, allowing for cooling airflow and bringing a responsive feel to the bed.

Price Range

$799 – $1,998

Mattress Type

















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Purple Mattress Review 2023 | Sleep Foundation (2)

Ideal For:

  • Sleepers under 230 pounds
  • People who sleep hot
  • Couples
  • Budget shoppers

Purple Mattress Review 2023 | Sleep Foundation (3)


  • Though it’s technically an all-foam mattress, the Purple has a different feel than regular polyfoam and memory foam
  • Edges of the Purple aren’t as strong as those found on some other beds
  • Sleepers over 230 pounds might prefer a firmer mattress


Motion Isolation:

Temperature Control:

Pressure Relief:

Edge Support:

Ease of Movement:


Off Gassing:

Purple Video Review

Watch the video below to see how the Purple Mattress performed when put to the test in our lab.

Mattress Performance

Motion Isolation

(Video) Purple Mattress Review - Affordable, Cooling, and yet Supportive!

The Purple excels at isolating motion, which is common for an all-foam mattress. Strong motion isolation generally appeals to people who share a bed. When one person moves around or gets on or off the bed, their motion will not transfer across the surface of the mattress, disturbing the other sleeper.

Innerspring mattresses, some latex beds, and hybrids with pocketed coils generally do not isolate motion as well as all-foam beds.Memory foamcomfort layers in particular are known to greatly reduce motion transfer across a mattress. The Purple Grid operates similarly, allowing sleepers to put weight on one part of the mattress without affecting other parts.

Purple Mattress Review 2023 | Sleep Foundation (4)

Pressure Relief

Pressure relief is another area in which the Purple mattress shines. The Purple Grid helps relieve pressure, so sleepers don’t find themselves developing pressure points while lying down. The Purple Grid contours to the body, providing a cushiony feel. The transitional foam beneath that layer helps keep sleepers from sinking too far into the mattress.

Pressure relief is important to all sleepers, but those who experience pain tend to find it particularly important. A pressure-relieving bed can reduce pain throughout the night. Side sleepers also require pressure-relieving beds so they don’t develop pressure points in their hips and shoulders, which commonly occurs on too-firm mattresses

Purple Mattress Review 2023 | Sleep Foundation (5)

Temperature Control

The Purple Mattress does an excellent job of staying cool throughout the night, largely due to the Purple Grid technology contained in its upper-most comfort layer.

Foam, particularly memory foam, tends to trap heat. All-foam mattresses are known for sleeping hot. The Purple Grid makes the Purple mattress stand out from other all-foam mattresses in the area of temperature control.

Because the Purple Grid has open spaces within it that allow airflow, heat can move away from the body rather than stay trapped in the Purple mattress. As a result, sleepers will be less likely to wake up because they feel too hot and more likely to get a good night’s sleep.

Purple Mattress Review 2023 | Sleep Foundation (6)

Edge Support

The Purple rates average in terms of edge support, which is common for an all-foam mattress. Edge support refers to how strong the edges of a mattress are in response to weight being placed on them. Mattresses that contain innersprings or pocketed coils tend to have stronger edges than all-foam beds.

Some all-foam beds have weaker edges than the Purple mattress. Poor edge support makes it so sleepers are unable to use the full surface of the bed because to do so would put them at risk of rolling off the bed. Strong edge support helps make getting in and out of bed easier.

Purple Mattress Review 2023 | Sleep Foundation (7)

Ease of Movement

Ease of movement rates medium on the Purple, due to the mattress being both conforming and responsive. Generally, the more closely a mattress contours to the body, the more it inhibits movement. Highly conforming foam layers develop impressions as they cradle the body, and it can take a few seconds for those impressions to “bounce back.”

The Purple allows for easier movement than many mattresses that contain memory foam comfort layers. Because the Purple Grid is both conforming and responsive, it allows for more movement than highly conforming memory foam. Innerspring and latex mattresses tend to allow for the most ease of movement.


Off-gassing occurs with the Purple mattress, as is to be expected, but the process isn’t as extreme as that found with other all-foam beds. Off-gassing is a process that involves volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in a manufactured product becoming gas and floating out of the product into the air. Generally, this process is most noticeable immediately after manufacturing and is accompanied by a chemical smell.

Memory foam and polyfoam are the mattress components that tend to off-gas the most. The Purple mattress off-gasses less than some of its competitors due to the Purple Grid, which allows for airflow that more quickly clears off-gassed VOCs.

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Sleeping Style and Body Weight

Purple Mattress

Sleeper Type

Under 130 lbs

130-230 lbs

Above 230 lbs

Purple Mattress Review 2023 | Sleep Foundation (9)

Side Sleepers

Under 130 lbs

130-230 lbs

Above 230 lbs

Purple Mattress Review 2023 | Sleep Foundation (10)

Back Sleepers

Under 130 lbs

130-230 lbs

Above 230 lbs

Purple Mattress Review 2023 | Sleep Foundation (11)

Stomach Sleepers

Under 130 lbs

130-230 lbs

Above 230 lbs

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Side Sleepers:

(Video) Purple Platform Bed Frame Review: Watch Before You Buy! [2023]

The Purple mattress excels at providing a mix of support and pressure relief to lighter side sleepers. Side sleepers need their hips and shoulders to sink into a mattress a bit to maintain spinal alignment, but not too far, or they’ll experience increased pressure. Side sleepers also need a mattress to have a supportive transitional layer so they don’t develop pressure points in their shoulders or hips. The Purple has the right mix of contouring and support to relieve pressure in most side sleepers under 230 pounds.

Heavier side sleepers, on the other hand, are unlikely to find enough support in the Purple. A mattress of a higher firmness level would be a better choice for this group, and more likely to provide them with the firmness and spinal alignment they need. The Purple rates 6 out of 10 in terms of firmness, and heavier side sleepers might prefer a bed that rates 6.5, 7, or higher instead.

Back Sleepers:

Back sleepers who weigh less than 130 pounds find the Purple mattress provides them enough lumbar support and pressure relief. Most back sleepers in that weight group will enjoy the bed. Some sleepers between 130 and 230 pounds also find a nice mix of support and pressure relief in the Purple, though some might prefer a firmer mattress.

Most heavier back sleepers will want a firmer mattress. To this group, the Purple mattress feels too soft, and is unable to properly support their back throughout the night. The heavier a sleeper is, the less supported they will feel by the Purple Mattress. They might feel as if they are sinking too far down into the mattress, or as though they aren’t supported evenly.

Stomach Sleepers:
Across all body weights, stomach sleepers find the least comfort in the Purple mattress compared to sleepers with other sleep position preferences. That said, stomach sleepers who weigh less than 130 pounds enjoy the Purple mattress the most. This mattress could be a good option for lighter sleepers who sleep in a combination of positions, including their stomachs. Most sleepers who only sleep on their stomachs, however, could likely find another mattress that better fits their needs.

Most stomach sleepers prefer firmer mattresses, and need to be well-supported in order to avoid the development of pressure points. Too soft or too firm of mattresses can put strain on the necks, shoulders, and lower backs of stomach sleepers. Heavier stomach sleepers will almost definitely feel discomfort while sleeping on the Purple. A firmer mattress would be a better option for stomach sleepers over 130 pounds.

Purple Mattress Review Breakdown

The Purple is an all-foam mattress available in one firmness level, which is medium-firm. Sold at affordable prices and delivered directly to your door, the Purple is a good option for customers seeking comfort on a budget. Through the use of Purple Grid technology, the Purple mattress provides sleepers a mix of contouring and responsiveness. It’s available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king, and split king sizes.

The Purple’s comfort layers are made up of 2 inches of Purple Grid on top of a 3.5-inch polyfoam (1.8 PCF) layer. Its support core is made of 4 inches of high-density polyfoam (2 PCF). Combined, these layers excel at providing pressure relief to sleepers. The cover is made of a polyester-viscose blended fabric. Altogether, the Purple measures 9.25 inches in height, which is average and fits standard sheet sets.

The Purple Grid is a unique technology created by the Purple company that consists of hyper-elastic polymer molded into a grid shape. The Purple Grid contours to the body like memory foam, but feels more responsive. Spaces in the grid allow for airflow, making the Purple a cooling mattress. All-foam mattresses tend to trap body heat, but that isn’t a problem with the Purple.

This review contains detailed information about the Purple mattress. Find out how people of different body weights and sleep position preferences enjoy the bed. Also, learn how the Purple mattress rates in terms of motion isolation, pressure relief, temperature control, edge support, ease of movement, and off-gassing. Finally, see where you can buy the Purple mattress and how Purple handles shipping, returns, and warranties.


Medium Firm – 6

Mattress Type



The Purple mattress consists of a layer of the proprietary Purple Grid over a comfort layer and support core that are both made of polyfoam.

Cover Material:

67% Polyester, 29% Viscose, 4% Lycra

Support Core:

4″ 2 PCF Polyfoam

Comfort Layer

2″ Purple Grid, 3.5″ 1.8 PCF Polyfoam

Mattress Prices and Sizing

The original Purple mattress is a quality bed sold at affordable prices. The Purple costs less than half of the Purple Hybrid and Purple Hybrid Premier options and is priced comparably to competitors’ similar direct-to-consumer all-foam beds. The presence of Purple Grid technology elevates the cost of the Purple above some other budget-priced all-foam mattress offerings, however.

Sizes Dimensions Height Weight Price
Twin 38″ x 75″ 9.25″ N/A $799
Twin XL 38″ x 80″ 9.25″ 70 lbs. $999
Full 54″ x 76″ 9.25″ 81 lbs. $1,199
Queen 60″ x 80″ 9.25″ 110 lbs. $1,399
King 76″ x 80″ 9.25″ 140 lbs. $1,799
California King 76″ x 84″ 9.25″ 140 lbs. $1,799
Split King 38″ x 80″ (2pcs) 9.25″ 140 lbs. $1,998

Scroll L – R for more details

Purple Mattress Review 2023 | Sleep Foundation (12)

SleepFoundation readers get the best price on Purple Mattresses.

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Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies


The Purple mattress is available both online and in stores. Purple sells the mattress directly to consumers from their own website. It’s also found on Amazon.com.

In-person stores that sell Purple mattresses include Mattress Firm, Macy’s, and a variety of furniture stores. Purple maintains a map on their website through which customers may search for nearby stores.

Purple mattresses are available to be shipped to all 50 states and Canada.


Purple ships to the contiguous 48 United States for free using FedEx ground. Customers in Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada can also order Purple beds, but must pay a shipping fee. International shipping outside of Canada is unavailable.

The Purple arrives compressed and rolled into a long, purple tube-shaped package. It’s delivered to your front door, so you must bring it inside and move it to wherever you’ll be using it.

Additional Services

Purple doesn’t offer white glove delivery on their original Purple mattress, nor do they offer old mattress removal. Customers must set up the Purple mattress themselves and arrange to have any old mattresses removed. Like most compressed mattresses, the Purple can take a few hours or a day to fully expand.

Sleep Trial

Purple offers customers a 100-night sleep trial. They require customers to break in the mattress for at least 21 nights prior to initiating a return, however. After the break-in period, customers may return the mattress for a full refund, at no cost. Customers may call Purple to initiate the return process.


The Purple mattress comes with separate warranties for the cover and the rest of the mattress. The cover warranty lasts for 2 years. During that time, the mattress’s cover will be repaired or replaced if it is defective. The customer must pay for any shipping costs associated with repairing or replacing the cover under the warranty.

The interior mattress warranty lasts 10 years. It is non-transferrable and begins the date of purchase. The warranty doesn’t cover body indentations that are less than 1 inch deep. Customers are responsible for any shipping costs associated with fulfilling the warranty.

Still have questions?

Our product experts have extensive experience testing just about every sleep product on the market. Send an email to[emailprotected]or call us at(877) 672-8966with your questions and we’ll help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

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Do you need a foundation with a purple mattress? ›

The Purple® Mattress needs a strong and sturdy base! This can be a platform, box foundation, or an adjustable bed frame. Keep in mind all slats should be 3" or less apart for the best support.

What body type is best for purple mattress? ›

Professional reviewers found the Purple Hybrid Premier 3 Mattress to be a good option for average-weight stomach and back sleepers. For average-weight back sleepers, in particular, this mattress is said to provide suitable pressure relief and support with its responsive GelFlex Grid. Heavy sleepers (More Than 230 lbs.)

Are Purple mattresses Mormon? ›

The online mattress company is the brainchild of Tony and Terry Pearce: brothers, both Mormons, with an army of "44 children and grandchildren between them," according to Forbes.

Can you put a purple mattress on a regular bed frame? ›

Of course we recommend our platform base! However, the Purple just needs a sturdy surface to sit on. This can be a platform, slats (3″ apart or less), box foundation opposed to a box spring, an adjustable bed frame, or even the floor — it all works just fine.

Is it okay to put a Purple mattress on a box spring? ›

Can Purple mattresses be used on a box spring? A Purple mattress should not be used on a box spring. Use of a box spring can damage your Purple mattress and void its warranty. Instead, pair your Purple mattress with a Purple bed frame for the best possible comfort.

Can you put Purple mattress directly on the floor? ›

The Purple Bed will work great on any flat, sturdy foundation. Whether you put it on a platform, slats, box foundation, adjustable bed, or even the floor, your Purple Bed will sit pretty in any room.

Why is my purple mattress so hard? ›

The 21 Day Adjustment Period. For many, a Purple mattress is love at first sleep. But for some people, it might take a few weeks for your body to fully adjust to the unique and proper support of your mattress. Fret not - this is perfectly normal.

Who is purple mattress target audience? ›

Purple also targets consumers who may not be interested in buying a mattress or who don't fit its typical customer demographic but who frequently share videos on Facebook, and one or more people in that consumer's network is likely to be a potential customer, Garvin says.

Is the purple mattress good for side or back sleepers? ›

To put it simply, the Purple mattress is great for all types of sleepers, whether you sleep on your side, back, stomach, or some combination of all three.

Is Purple mattress from China? ›

The Purple® Mattress is made in the USA!

Why do people like Purple mattresses? ›

The Purple allows for easier movement than many mattresses that contain memory foam comfort layers. Because the Purple Grid is both conforming and responsive, it allows for more movement than highly conforming memory foam. Innerspring and latex mattresses tend to allow for the most ease of movement.

Do Purple mattresses feel weird? ›

Purple mattress firmness and feel

It's a squishy, stretchy, jelly-like material that's laid out in a comfort grid design in the top layer of the bed. It definitely takes a few nights to get used to, but once you do, it's a lovely sleeping experience.

Can Purple mattress be flipped? ›

Luckily, Purple mattresses are made with premium materials that are designed to last for years with no flipping necessary. Each mattress comes with a 10-year warranty backing its quality. All Purple mattresses are one-sided and should not be turned over.

What happens if I don't like my Purple mattress? ›

Purple has a 100 night trial period, meaning you can return your Purple mattress up to 100 days after purchase for a refund. Purple does require you to keep the mattress for 21 days. This gives your body time to adjust to a new mattress.

How do you get pee out of a Purple mattress? ›

Spray the affected area with an enzymatic cleaner or white vinegar, and let it sit for 15 minutes. Blot the area until dry. Sprinkle baking soda and leave overnight. Vacuum the debris.

Are box springs outdated? ›

Using one of these alternatives means you'll have appropriate support and firmness for your back throughout the night. So even though box springs used to be considered a practical and functional part of your bed's setup, they have become largely outdated.

Do Purple mattresses off gas? ›

No, the Purple mattress does NOT off-gas! The Purple mattress is 100% non-toxic and our high-density polyurethane foam is CertiPUR-US certified, which means it has the lowest toxicity out there! Purple may have a faint “new mattress smell” that comes off as “nutty or woodsy” at first, but it fades quickly.

Are Purple mattresses healthy? ›

Purple mattresses are not organic, but they are made with high-quality materials that are both safe and non toxic. Purple mattresses use CertiPUR-US certified foam and Hyper-Elastic Polymer. Each mattress has no known allergens and are tested for safety and comfort.

Why you shouldn't put your mattress on the floor? ›

Keeping a mattress on the floor can result in unwanted moisture issues, which can lead to mold and mildew. To counter this, it's wise to periodically prop your mattress up against the wall to allow it to air out. Whenever you move your bed, be sure to check for signs of moisture, excessive dust, and bugs.

Do you put sheets on a Purple Mattress? ›

Our classic sheet set is also made to withstand daily use and regular washing – while still looking and feeling great. However, the Purple Mattress does not require special sheets. Any set of stretchy or jersey knit sheets are a wonderful option for the Purple® Mattress.

Does the purple mattress get hot? ›

Purple Mattresses have 1,400 + ventilations chambers for better airflow - so you won't sleep too hot or too cold.

Is Purple 4 too soft? ›

Is Purple 4 too soft? We found that the Purple Hybrid Premier 4 mattress is a medium to a medium-firm on our firmness scale. Yes, you'll sink into the top layer of the Hyper-Elastic Polymer. However, the pocketed coils below keep the bed from being too soft.

Can I put a topper on a purple mattress? ›

You can't add a topper to the Purple to make it softer because that would just negate how the mattress is supposed to work and you end up with an expensive mattress that you could have otherwise purchased for half the price.

How long does it take a purple mattress to fully decompress? ›

Details: Allow 72 hours for mattress to fully decompress. 2" Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ material in Purple Smart Comfort Grid™ 3.5" layer of 1.8-lbs density polyurethane foam.

Why is it called Purple Mattress? ›

They named the company Purple after the color of the patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer™—the ultra-stretchy, yet durable, gel-like top layer of what would become their signature product: the Purple ™ Bed. This material promised greater comfort and support than traditional beds made of latex, foam or springs.

How does a Purple Mattress arrive? ›

The Purple Mattress does not come in a box. We ship Purple Mattresses in a sturdy bag instead of a box! Our bag is weather resistant, waterproof, and includes handles for more accessible transportation. If you are wanting to learn more check out our purple mattress unboxing video.

Are Purple mattresses plastic? ›

The The Purple Grid™ of every Purple® Mattress and Pillow is lightly coated with a non-toxic polyethylene copolymer powder.

Is Purple 3 or 4 better for side sleepers? ›

Purple likes to steer strict side sleepers toward the 4” model, which has an extra inch of polymer (adds even more pressure relief). However, we think 3” will suffice for most side sleepers. There's a reason why we included all Purple beds on our Best Beds For Side Sleepers list.

How does Purple Mattress compare to other mattresses? ›

Purple has a unique feel, compared to the other mattresses in this comparison. The hyper-elastic polymer gives it a lot of bounce with a virtually instantaneous response time. Sleepers under 140 pounds may find this mattress to feel slightly firmer and offer more of a floating feel.

How long before I can sleep on a new Purple Mattress? ›

No, the Purple Mattress does not need to air out. It is ready to be slept on after it's been unrolled!

Who owns Purple? ›

Terry Pearce - Founder - Purple | LinkedIn.

Did Purple change their original mattress? ›

The Original Purple Mattress Construction

In 2019, the company updated the material to better complement the unique grid system. It's a polyester blend called SoftFlex. The top layer is 2 inches of their Purple Gel Grid™ made from their exclusively patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer™.

Who bought purple mattress? ›

DTC mattress brand Purple could sell itself. The brand confirmed it received an unsolicited bid on Saturday from Coliseum Capital Management to acquire the company. The bid includes acquiring Purple's remaining common stock for $4.35 a share, a nearly 56% premium to the brand's closing price on Friday of $2.79.

What does Purple do with returned mattresses? ›

Purple. Details: You can return your mattress after 21 days. Then they will retrieve it from your home and will donate it to a charity in your location, or you can choose your favorite local charity.

What is the difference between Purple Hybrid 3 and 4? ›

Purple Hybrid Premier mattress layers

Really, the only major differences in construction are the top layers. The Purple 3 has a 3-inch layer of Hyper-Elastic Polymer at the top, while Purple 4 has 4 inches. It doesn't make a huge difference in feel, but they are softer than the Purple Hybrid.

How much does a queen Purple 4 mattress weigh? ›

Full weight: 145 lbs. Queen weight: 168 lbs. King weight: 204 lbs.

Which Purple mattress is the softest? ›

The Purple® Hybrid Premier | 4”

The softest, most plush feel of The Purple® Mattress family, it provides an almost weightless feeling.

How thick is the original Purple mattress? ›

The Original Purple mattress is comprised of three layers and totals 9.25″ thick. Here's how the construction breaks down. As you can see above, the bed uses a dense layer of foam for its support structure.

Does Purple Mattress last? ›

Purple mattresses are designed to last around 10 years with normal use. You should not experience any sagging in your mattress as long as it is used as intended and it is within its 10-year lifespan. If you notice any sagging in your Purple mattress, contact us for warranty support.

Is Purple Hybrid the same as Purple 2? ›

The Purple 2 and the Purple Hybrid mattresses are pretty similar, but not the same thing. The Hybrid mattress is softer and a little than bouncier than the Purple 2 thanks to the additional two inches of Hyper-Elastic Polymer.

What body type is best for Purple mattress? ›

Professional reviewers found the Purple Hybrid Premier 3 Mattress to be a good option for average-weight stomach and back sleepers. For average-weight back sleepers, in particular, this mattress is said to provide suitable pressure relief and support with its responsive GelFlex Grid. Heavy sleepers (More Than 230 lbs.)

Do you need a foundation with a Purple mattress? ›

The Purple® Mattress needs a strong and sturdy base! This can be a platform, box foundation, or an adjustable bed frame. Keep in mind all slats should be 3" or less apart for the best support.

What kills pee smell on mattress? ›

For best results in neutralizing urine odors in your mattress, spread a thin layer of baking soda out over the entire mattress surface. If a specific area smells more strongly, you can use a slightly thicker layer of baking soda. Allow the baking soda to sit, uncovered, for 5 to 10+ hours, and then vacuum it.

What is the danger of urine in a mattress? ›

Urine contains bacteria, so if its left long enough it can develop mould. Urine contains urea, uric acid and other compounds that can be a risk. That smell of ammonia that gets trapped inside your mattress is caused by bacteria eating away at the residue of the urine.

Are purple mattresses waterproof? ›

The Waterproof Test

The protector is the same material on all five sides, which means it can protect a mattress from spills on the surface and down the sides. Purple says its protector is water-resistant and water-absorbent.

Can I use my mattress without a foundation? ›

To summarize, if you have a platform bed, you can place any type of mattress directly upon it without using a foundation or box spring. If you have a traditional bed frame, you would need a box spring or foundation to place your mattress on.

Can you sleep on a mattress without a foundation? ›

The support that a base provides to your mattress minimizes premature sagging and wear, which keeps your bed looking newer longer. Sleeping on a mattress without a bed frame or foundation can shorten the bed's lifespan significantly. Keeping your bed lifted off of the ground with a base adds height to the mattress.

What mattress does not need a foundation? ›

Both foam and latex mattresses don't need a box spring base; you can use them with foundation or platform beds.

Do you need a special foundation for a memory foam mattress? ›

With a memory foam mattress, it's best to use a slatted or solid mattress foundation. If you go with a slatted foundation, the slats should be no further than 2.75 inches apart. Any further apart and you'll need to buy extra slats or a bunkie board to create a more stable surface for your memory foam mattress.

Can you use foundation instead of box spring? ›

Chances are good that you could easily use a bed foundation instead of a box spring if you were looking for an alternative. That's especially true considering how most mattresses either have springs built into them or have their own internal support system making additional box spring springs no longer necessary.

What happens if you don't use a box spring? ›

Because there is no support for the mattress beyond the perimeter frame, without a boxspring, your mattress would receive insufficient support, not to mention most likely void the warranty.

Do I need a boxspring if I have slats? ›

If you purchase a bed frame with a slatted foundation where the slats are no more than 2.75 inches apart, there is typically no need to purchase a separate box spring. Most mattress types can rest directly on the slats.

What happens if you sleep on a mattress without a box spring? ›

If it doesn't provide enough support in the center, the mattress will sag and be uncomfortable. Any bed frame that isn't entirely solid or has a support system in the center will more often than not require a box spring.

Is a bed foundation the same as a box spring? ›

A mattress foundation is a wooden box with wood slats across the surface, usually covered by a breathable fabric. Unlike box springs, foundations are designed for more support than give. The strong support may cause the mattress to feel firmer.

What kind of mattress does not get bed bugs? ›

It bears mentioning that bed bugs are not attracted to dirty or soiled bedding, and can find their way into a brand new, very clean home. With this in mind, there is no particular mattress that is 100 percent impervious to bed bugs, since the insects seek out environs closest to their future meals.

What type of mattress doesn't sink in the middle? ›

If you want a hybrid bed that doesn't sag, choose one that utilizes high-quality comfort materials. Excellent options for minimal sagging include latex foam and high-density memory foam.

Can you put a box spring under a memory foam mattress? ›

Is a box spring necessary for a memory foam mattress? You should never use a conventional box spring with a memory foam mattress. If you want to place your memory foam mattress on a platform, you should use a firm, solid foundation or a platform bed.

What kind of bed frame do you need for a memory foam mattress? ›

Slat foundation bed frame

Choose a metal or wood bed foundation for high compatibility with your foam mattress. This is the type of bed frame that is solid and sturdy, providing even support on your mattress. Always check with the manufacturer for the best material for the bed frame to match your foam mattress.

What are the disadvantages of memory foam mattress? ›

II. Cons
  • Memory foam mattresses can be quite heavy. ...
  • They have been known to be hotter than normal mattresses because they cradle your body and the dense foam retains heat. ...
  • In hot climates the mattress may be softer than expected and in cold climates it may be harder than expected.
Feb 28, 2023


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