Is Purple mattress worth it Reddit (2023)

Yes, Purple is worth it. At first I was skeptical, but now I’m a believer after a year. It’s comfortable no matter what position you sleep in and you don’t feel or hear the other person moving around. Feels like floating instead of sinking like memory foam. I prefer a firmer mattress, partner prefers softer and we’re both happy with our Purple 4.


  • What are the cons of the Purple Mattress?
  • How long does a Purple Mattress really last?
  • Can Purple Mattress hurt your back?
  • What is the hype about Purple Mattress?

Id recommend going to a store like mattress firm or Macy’s furniture outlet and lay on the different Purples for atleast 10 mins with your husband. Try different mattresses to see how they compare. Wait for sales too, we had a pair of Purple stretchy sheets added no cost. These are essentials along with the mattress cover.

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FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE ANY BROKEN BONES THIS MATTRESS IS FOR YOU!!! I BROKE MY L1 IN MY BACK ( playing spiderman long story) first, I ordered a queen purple 3 the purple queen sheets, the bed protector, and the purple pillow Tuesday July 17th 2018 at 7:10 pm, after confirming my purchase the company said it would take 4-6 for delivery . I called them as soon as I purchased the mattress they said because everything I ordered was popular it was on back stock, I calledwednesday july 18th they said the same thing, on Tuesday july 24 2018 The white glove delivery that i wanted called, scheduled for them to bring my purple bed on Thursday july 26th. Purple emailed me right after my bed was set up it had my fedex tracking number for the rest of my items I ordered. So it took 9 days to get mattress! WIN!! Second, I have this rod thing that looks like an egg sticking out of my back, I was a back sleeper. sleeping on memory foam mattress the rod would press upagaisnt the mattress and I wouldnt be able to walk the next day, so I was forced to learn to sleep on my side. I hate having to sleep on firms beds I am only 30 but the purple is so soft it kinda scared me seriously my husband had to talk me into coming to bed. with that said. The purple 100 return policy I knew that night weather it was going to work for me. That night I slept on both my sides, I slept on my stomach and I slept on my back when I turned over to my back just like the videoprotecting the egg the mattress was protecting my rod that sticks out!! Friday 27th 2018 when I woke up I KNEW THIS MATTRESS WAS STAYING!!! No pain anywhere and granted I moved alot throughtout the night but I still felt like I had a good nights rest. I am 124.3 pounds 5"4 and it gets hot at night, remember there is no air conditioning inside the mattress so you arent going to be super cooled, but if you get hot and you move in the bed your intire body needs to move out of the area you were hotin, yes your going to get alittle cooler but if 90% of your body is hot that tiny coolness you just felt is going to go away. So my husband ordered us a new blanket as well. My husband and I had sex on the bed we both had an organism so that counts as being a great mattress, but for the people who like doing it doggy style, the bed is really tall so there is no more going to the end of the bed while your mate stands up on the floor. Just saying. Thanks for reading I hope this review helps

Is Purple mattress worth it Reddit (1)

Here's my purple mattress experience , I have decided to order purple mattress 8 months ago after finding so many good reviews atinternet, But form the first night i didn't like it. After using it for 7 days continuously it leds me terrible hip pain, so I have decided to return but when I try to get refund my purple mattress the customer ask me a recipet parper that I never got, I found only a warranty or bill payment papers with that mattress. So they refuse me for refund and suggest us to try their mattress topper with mine mattress so they charge me $350 more for topper but nothing happens even it will be more wrosttoppers are really uncomfortable and hot to sleep and this how I lose all my money. Never reccomen recommend purple mattress to anyone....

I (was) a 2 year owner of a Purple Mattress. For the pain staking 2 years I have owned the mattress I have rarely found a solid/good position I could fall asleep fast to. When I first bought the mattress I found that the best position to sleep in was on my side, however the "feel" of the mattress is a little TOO FIRM to my individual body. I am a combination side/stomach sleeper. I'll usually start out on my side, then end up on mystomach eventually, or if I get into a comfortable enough position I'll stay asleep on my side. It all depends on how restless I am. I don't understand how people are rating this mattress a 6.5 on the firmness scale. It is a terrible mattress for stomach sleepers. The padding on the mattress top needs to be soft with SOME give to properly cradle your head as a stomach sleeper. The upper portion of this mattress is WAY too stiff. Overall the firmness may be a 6.5 out of 10, but it "feels" like a3.5-4/10 to me.

Now onto the reason why I am giving this mattress a 1 out of 10. DURABILITY. In just over 2 short years, the underlying foam material (below the purple grid) has created a permanent body impression. This has resulted in unbelievable neck and back pain that I have been suffering with for the past month. This past week I finally hit my breaking point and ordered a different, more traditional innerspring mattress with a soft euro pillow top that cradles my head when sleepingon my stomach.

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These body impressions normally will not form until AFTER your sleep trial is over. The permanent body impression in my purple mattress did not start forming until about a year and a half later.

Another flaw in the purchasing of this mattress is that Purple recommends you rotate the mattress to avoid these same said body impressions. The flaw is...the mattress weighs 100 lbs! Very few people are going to want to rotate their 120lbs mattress every 90 days or so toprevent the impressions from forming.

Durability is a huge flaw with this mattress. The foam is prone to degradation over time and this is something you will not find out from a 100 day sleep trial. As a real long term owner of a Purple mattress I would highly advise you look elsewhere as this mattress CANNOT be trusted for durability. I am aware of the replacement warranty of the mattress itself, but I don't want to go through another cycle of endless neck pain when the replacementmattress breaks down in 2 years from now. Unless you want a big giant bowl of back pain, served with a side crinkled neck, be my guest!

The bottom line is this mattress is just a basic foam mattress that breaks down in a very short time period, with creative marketing thrown in to sell it. Its ALL about the marketing. Though the funny thing is I didn't buy it BECAUSE of the marketing, but rather my own research and wanting to try something different so go figure.

What are the cons of the Purple Mattress?

Purple cons.

The polymer grid takes getting used to, according to many reviewers. ... .

Premium models are pricey..

Purple mattresses, especially the larger sizes, are heavy..

You may need to buy new sheets to fit. ... .

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Purple's mattress cover is not washable. ... .

You may want to buy a mattress protector to go over the mattress cover..

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How long does a Purple Mattress really last?

The Purple Grid is very durable, making this a great long-lasting mattress (it should last about 7 to 10 years). A Queen size Purple mattress comes in at $1399.00, making it an excellent mattress for the money. Because this is such a unique mattress, it's more likely to appeal to certain types of sleepers.

Can Purple Mattress hurt your back?

Is a memory foam mattress bad for your back? Memory foam mattresses are not bad for your back as long as you get the right firmness and support level. We recommend a Purple mattress, which combines our patented GelFlex Grid with foam comfort layers to provide the best support and comfort for your back.

What is the hype about Purple Mattress?

The Purple Mattress is one of the only beds to feature Hyper-Elastic Polymer, a proprietary comfort material, which happens to be both pressure-relieving and supportive at the same time. In our Purple bed reviews, we reveal the types of sleepers we think will like it best and who should consider other options.

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