Infrared Sauna Benefits: 5 Best Saunas for Your Home in 2023 (2023)

Are you sick of coming home from a long day feeling tense and stressed?

Would you like to unwind and revitalize in the comfort of your own home?

An infrared sauna is a great option. Infrared saunas provide a plethora of health advantages in addition to offering a soothing and relaxing environment. In preparation for this article, we’ve undertaken extensive research to bring you the top five infrared saunas for your home in 2023. So sit back and relax as we reveal the benefits of getting a sauna habit and which brands should be at the top of your list.

  • Benefits of Sauna Use
  • What Is the Best Infrared Sauna?
  • The 5 Best Infrared Saunas of 2023
    • Far Infrared Sauna Therapy Remote Body Detox Blanket Machine
    • HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket
    • SereneLife Home Spa
    • Dynamic Barcelona 1- to 2-Person Hemlock Wood Low EMF FAR Infrared Sauna
    • LifePro Sauna Blanket
  • Wrap Up

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Infrared Sauna Benefits and Why You Should Use Them

Saunas have been used for relaxation, detoxification, and healing for hundreds of years. The advantages have only grown since infrared technology was developed. Instead of heating the air around you like a regular sauna, infrared saunas heat the body directly. This permits a gentler and more relaxing experience while still offering a wide range of health advantages.

Detoxification is one of the key benefits of using an infrared sauna. Your body naturally eliminates toxins and impurities while you sweat, which helps to cleanse your body. This can also strengthen your immune system, improve heart function, and enhance your general health.

An infrared sauna is excellent for unwinding and relieving stress. The warmth and light can ease stress, promote relaxation, and even enhance sleep quality. Regular usage of an infrared sauna can also help reduce inflammation and blood pressure and improve cardiovascular health.

To get the most out of Infrared sauna benefits, try it post-workout as it makes an excellent post-workout recovery strategy after an exercise session. Research also supports repeated thermal therapy for patients with chronic pain.

What Is the Best Infrared Sauna?

The best-infrared sauna on the current market is the Far Infrared Sauna Therapy Remote Body Detox Blanket Machine. This device consists of a blanket designed to wrap around the body, with built-in infrared heat technology to promote sweating and detoxification. It combines 7 key technologies to provide a cost-effective way to get the infrared experience in your home.

The 5 Best Infrared Saunas of 2023

Far Infrared Sauna Therapy Remote Body Detox Blanket Machine

Infrared Sauna Benefits: 5 Best Saunas for Your Home in 2023 (1)


This product is a remote body detox blanket machine for far infrared sauna therapy. It consists of a blanket with integrated infrared heat technology intended to wrap around the body to encourage sweating and detoxification.

The blanket employs far infrared technology, a form of electromagnetic radiation renowned for its capacity to reach deep within the body’s tissues. The Infrared sauna benefits from this blanket may help boost circulation, enhance cellular performance, and encourage the body’s removal of toxins.

It is a practical and individualized way to take advantage of the benefits of infrared sauna therapy because users may customize the temperature and time settings using the remote control. High-quality materials used in the blanket’s construction ensure its durability and user-friendliness.


  • Heat-conducting layer
  • Far infrared layer
  • Waterproof layer
  • Temperature setting
  • Heat-generating layer
  • Shielding layer
  • Thermal overcoat


The far infrared sauna therapy remote body detox blanket machine can be purchased from the official website for $149. This is a $76 saving from the original price of $225.

Bottom Line

The far infrared sauna therapy remote body detox blanket machine is an affordable one-person alternative to an actual sauna room. It has a handy remote control and a user-friendly instrument control panel.

HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket

Infrared Sauna Benefits: 5 Best Saunas for Your Home in 2023 (2)


Relax and detox your mind and body with the HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket. It’s made from non-VOC polyurethane leather and features four layers to optimize the infrared effects:

  • Tourmaline and amethyst
  • Charcoal
  • Clay
  • Magnetic

The blanket features an industrial zipper for ease of use and durability. The non-VOC leather body of the blanket is environmentally friendly while also being water-, fire-, and melt-proof. It also features an automatic timer that shuts off after 1 hour of use and heats up to 80 degrees F.

You can control your HigherDOSE blanket with the accompanying remote control unit that allows you to adjust between 8 temperature settings.


  • Non-VOC polyurethane leather body
  • 8 temperature settings
  • Remote control
  • 4 layers


The HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket retails for $699 on the official website.

Bottom Line

The HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket is a premium-quality portable infrared sauna for one. It is environmentally friendly and comes with a temperature-regulating remote control.

SereneLife Home Spa

Infrared Sauna Benefits: 5 Best Saunas for Your Home in 2023 (3)


The SereneLife AZSLISAU10BK is a complete indoor sauna kit. Unlike many competing products, it has a built-in seat and a footpad heating mat. This compact unit measures 27.6 inches in length, 31.5 inches in width, and 37.8 inches in height. Its collapsible design means it can be easily stored away when not in use.

Hand-access zippers allow you to read a book or hold a tablet while enjoying your sauna. A full-length central zipper makes for easy access. The max temperature is 140 degrees F, and you can set the timer for up to 60 minutes.


  • Compact size
  • Built-in seat
  • Hand-access zippers
  • Remote control


The SereneLife AZSLISAU10BK is priced at $209.99.

Bottom Line

The SereneLife AZSLISAU10BK is an extremely compact, complete single-person sauna designed to enhance your sitting and relaxing comfort.

Dynamic Barcelona 1- to 2-Person Hemlock Wood Low EMF FAR Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna Benefits: 5 Best Saunas for Your Home in 2023 (4)


The Dynamic Barcelona is a compact wooden sauna for one or two people. It’s made from natural hemlock wood that is lightweight yet durable and features a simple clasp-together assembly. It has six carbon heating elements and a roof vent that help provide safe heat and air circulation.

This is a great-looking little sauna that will complement any decor. It includes such entertainment features as MP3 auxiliary connection and interior and exterior control panels. There’s also interior chromotherapy reading lighting.


  • Natural reforested Canadian hemlock wood construction
  • Max temperature 140 degrees F
  • 6 infrared carbon low EMF energy-efficient heating panels
  • MP3 auxiliary connection with 2 dynamic speakers and preamp
  • Clear tempered glass door


The Dynamic Barcelona infrared sauna retails for $1898.99.

Bottom Line

If you’re after a permanent wooden sauna that looks great, features some great entertainment and functionality technologies, and won’t break the bank, the Dynamic Barcelona is the unit for you.

LifePro Sauna Blanket

Infrared Sauna Benefits: 5 Best Saunas for Your Home in 2023 (5)


The LifePro Sauna Blanket is a portable at-home sauna device that looks like a high-spec sleeping bag. It’s made from Oxford fabric for enhanced durability and a great feel on your skin. The temperature ranges from 113 degrees F to 176 degrees F. That’s the highest of any of the saunas in this review!

Your purchase of the LifePro Sauna Blanket comes with two detox wraps and a lifetime warranty.


  • Up to 176 degrees F
  • Made from Oxford fabric
  • Comes with 2 detox wraps
  • Lifetime warranty


The LifePro Sauna Blanket retails for $169.99.

Bottom Line

The LifePro Sauna Blanket is a quality blanket that is made to last. It has the highest max temperature of any of the saunas we reviewed and comes with a lifetime warranty. This is a great option for those who want to get infrared sauna benefits without the heavy price tag.

Wrap Up

Getting your own infrared sauna doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. Whether you want a stand-alone wooden sauna, a portable collapsible version, or a sauna blanket, any of the 5 products reviewed above will allow you to enjoy all the infrared sauna benefits without derailing your budget.


Infrared Sauna Benefits: 5 Best Saunas for Your Home in 2023? ›


An infrared sauna provides a much milder temperature environment – between 120 to 150 degrees F. Additionally, the light of infrared saunas travels much deeper into the body, meaning they are to cause a more vigorous sweat, despite the lower (and more comfortable) temperature.

What type of sauna is best for home? ›


An infrared sauna provides a much milder temperature environment – between 120 to 150 degrees F. Additionally, the light of infrared saunas travels much deeper into the body, meaning they are to cause a more vigorous sweat, despite the lower (and more comfortable) temperature.

What happens if you use infrared sauna everyday? ›

With more use you'll notice a deep, purifying sweat and an invigorating feeling afterward. There is no one answer for the amount of sessions per week, but infrared saunas are safe to use every day. In fact, you will see wellness improvements sooner if you use it daily.

How long should you sit in an infrared sauna to get benefits? ›

So, how long should your session be, to realise health benefits? Rimba Sweat recommends that first-time users should spend roughly 15 minutes in the sauna. As your body becomes more used to the process, you'll experience maximum results anywhere from 25-40 minutes in the sauna.

Which infrared sauna is best for inflammation? ›

Mid-infrared is used primarily in the treatment of chronic pain. Far infrared sauna penetrates the body at a deeper level than near or mid-infrared and is the best type of sauna for eliminating toxins and reducing inflammation.

Should I do 30 or 60 minutes in infrared sauna? ›

Use at least twice a week starting with 10-15 minutes at a time and work up to 30-40 minutes at a time slowly. Best practices say not to use the infrared sauna more than twice a day. It's not recommended to stay in longer than about 20-45 minutes at a time even when you're used to it, but we will get into that shortly.

Can infrared sauna burn belly fat? ›

Infrared Sauna Use

A weight loss study revealed that an increase in core body temperature resulted in a decrease in body fat. This study concluded that using an infrared sauna three times a week for 30 minutes per session helped drop an average of 4 percent body fat over a four-month period.

Should you shower after infrared sauna? ›

However, we do recommend that you should shower after an infrared sauna too. Because you sweat during your session and toxins are released, having a shower after your sauna will help to cleanse the skin and close pores.

Are there any negatives to infrared sauna? ›

Although infrared saunas are generally considered safe with no side effects, there are still some potential risks. As with any sauna, the dangers of infrared saunas include the risk of becoming overheated, dehydrated, or dizzy. You can generally avoid this by drinking enough fluids before and after.

Should you drink water in infrared sauna? ›

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Most people do not drink enough water to begin with and now that you are using an infrared sauna and sweating, it is even more important to stay properly hydrated. Always drink plenty of water before, during and after your sauna session.

Is it better to do infrared sauna in morning or night? ›

Best Times for infrared sauna sessions are early in the morning or before bedtime in the evening, although anytime is good. When you first begin to use your infrared sauna, Start Slowly. After you begin to break a sweat, a 20 -30 minute session is recommended.

Is it better to sauna in the morning or night? ›

Based on this study, it appears that any type of heat therapy or sauna use in the morning will improve mental acuity throughout the day. Conversely, sauna bathing in the evening appears to improve sleep and the body's ability to transfer from states of vigilance into states of relaxation conducive to sleep.

What type of sauna is best for detox? ›

The regular use of an infrared sauna for support of detoxification is one of the best things you can do to restore health and remain healthy. Infrared saunas penetrate deep into the body increasing heat shock proteins, inducing more sweat, then the release of toxins, and at the same time increasing longevity.

Are saunas good for arthritis? ›

Yes, evidence suggests that the sauna is good for arthritis symptoms, including pain management and joint stiffness. A pilot study from Clinical Rheumatology found that there was a “significant” impact on the short-term improvement of pain, and stiffness decreased clinically in sufferers of arthritis.

What is better than a sauna? ›

Steam rooms are heated by steam from a generator filled with boiling water. While a sauna may help you relax and loosen your muscles, a steam room may have even further health benefits.

Does infrared sauna help with vitamin D? ›

In addition, many people are vitamin D deficient and don't even know it! Vitamin D is not only a building block in your immune system, but it is essential for bone, teeth, and skin health as well as reducing your risk of cancer! The infrared sauna boosts your Vitamin D levels naturally!

What color infrared helps with inflammation? ›

Natural light therapy & inflammation treatment: Red light therapy alleviates chronic inflammation by increasing blood flow to the damaged tissues, and it's been found in numerous clinical trials to increase the body's antioxidant defenses.

Do infrared saunas work for arthritis? ›

One of the most effective treatment methods for osteoarthritis is heat, and this is exactly why Far Infrared Sauna Therapy (F.I.R.S.T.) is one of the best ways to help reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

What do you wear in an infrared sauna? ›

You can go nude or wear clothing in the infrared sauna pod. Men typically wear workout or swim trunks; women typically wear workout shorts and a tank top or sports bra. Going nude vs. wearing this body wrap will not alter the effectiveness of your sauna session.

What to do after infrared sauna? ›

After you leave the far infrared sauna session, you should cool down. Take a room-temperature shower or plunge in the pool. Afterward, sit or lie down to finish cooling down. You will feel fantastic and rejuvenated, but you shouldn't exert yourself too much for at least 10-15 minutes.

Is it OK to do infrared sauna before bed? ›

“It is believed that the red light wavelength [used in infrared saunas] stimulates melatonin,” says Roban. For improved sleep, experts recommend hitting the sauna in the evening, at least 30 minutes before bedtime.

Does infrared sauna help tighten loose skin? ›

Infrared Saunas can help you fight acne, improve your complexion, tighten your skin and even boost your overall health. Using infrared saunas is a natural process, painless and non-invasive. Infrared saunas are proven to deliver efficient and long-lasting results.

Does infrared sauna make you look younger? ›

Near infrared saunas can help reduce signs of aging and help your skin be healthier and younger looking. The red light stimulates collagen and elastin production. Collagen and elastin help plump and firm the skin which can also help alleviate stretch marks and cellulite.

Why am I so tired after infrared sauna? ›

If you find yourself feeling exhausted after an infrared sauna session, don't worry – it's normal! In most cases, fatigue is simply because your body is working hard to sweat out toxins and rehydrate itself.

Should you drink water while in the sauna? ›

Sauna time and hydration

Before the sauna, we recommend drinking 1-2 glasses of water to prep your body for the upcoming sweat sesh. After the sauna, you want to continue to drink water, but you also want to replenish those key minerals and electrolytes lost like magnesium, sodium, calcium, and potassium.

Can you take a cell phone in an infrared sauna? ›

The longer the room temperature stays above 35 degrees Celsius, the more (permanent) damage will be done. Also, remember that infrared saunas achieve heat intensities of 45-60 degrees Celsius (113 - 140 F). With those temperatures, you'll be killing your phone over time.

Can I bring my phone in a sauna? ›

If you're entering a steam room, then the moisture in the air will be much higher. Therefore a steam room is not ideal for bringing in phones. A public sauna is also not a great place to take your phone for similar reasons and we'd recommend leaving it in the changing room with your clothes.

What are 2 negative effects of infrared? ›

Prolonged exposure to IR radiation causes a gradual but irreversible opacity of the lens. Other forms of damage to the eye from IR exposure include scotoma, which is a loss of vision due to the damage to the retina. Even low-level IR absorption can cause symptoms such as redness of the eye, swelling, or hemorrhaging.

Is it better to wear clothes in infrared sauna? ›

We suggest wearing clean, loose clothing (cotton or any breathable material preferably) or your bathers but you may choose to wear a towel or no clothes at all if that's your thing! The benefit of having your very own sauna in your home means you have the privacy to enjoy your sauna exactly the way you want to.

Does infrared sauna affect blood pressure? ›

Lower Blood Pressure: Infrared saunas induce a deep sweat to make the heart pump faster, which in turn increases blood flow, lowers blood pressure and helps circulation. Only Sunlighten saunas are backed by clinical research that shows a reduction in systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

How do I protect my hair in an infrared sauna? ›

How Do I Protect My Hair In An Infrared Sauna?
  1. Rinsing/washing your hair after your sauna session.
  2. Using a treatment or conditioning product pre or post-session.
  3. Ensuring you stay hydrated by drinking water before, during and after your sessions.
  4. Massaging your scalp (which can also stimulate hair growth)
Apr 28, 2021

What not to do before infrared sauna? ›

What you should know before your first Infrared Sauna
  • It's ok not to sweat too much in your first session. ...
  • Stay hydrated. ...
  • Don't use the sauna if you have been drinking alcohol heavily prior to your session. ...
  • Wear or bring loose clothing to put on after your session. ...
  • Schedule your sauna on your needs.
Mar 26, 2019

Should you take a hot or cold shower after infrared sauna? ›

We recommend a 5- to 15-minute cool-down and a cold shower, depending on how long your session is,” Berlingeri says. The shower is important because sweating is one of your body's main natural detoxification processes, and you want to wash away all that stuff you sweated out so your skin doesn't re-absorb it.

Should I wash my face before an infrared sauna? ›

Step #1: Wash Your Face First

Remove makeup residue, sweat buildup or any grime that's accumulated throughout the day. As you'll be sweating profusely in the sauna, you'll want to avoid clogging up your pores, so your skin can expel all those hidden impurities.

Should I wash my hair before infrared sauna? ›

If you have used a lot of styling products, you should rinse or wash your hair before taking a sauna. You can go to the sauna without getting your hair wet. However, be sure to protect your hair as hair does not withstand heat well. Especially hair that has been dyed or damaged needs protection.

What is the best temperature for infrared sauna? ›

The ideal temperature for your infrared sauna is generally between 60-70 degrees. different reasons. higher settings, you'll certainly break out into more of a sweat.

Should you shower right after sauna or wait? ›

Cooling off after the sauna is important because you can catch a cold if you sweat too much. Sauna-goers should leave enough time to cool down before warming up again. If you can, don't have a shower straight after the sauna. It's better for the body if you cool off in the fresh air first.

Is it better to sit in sauna with shirt on or off? ›

A classic oversized t-shirt, a loose-fitting cotton towel, and shorts are always good for the sauna. They allow your skin to breathe freely; this helps you enjoy a sauna session to its full potential.

How long should you wait to shower after sauna? ›

According to the classic Finnish method, there is a short bath in ice-cold water, which can be replaced by a shower in cold or lukewarm water, waiting at least two minutes after leaving the sauna.

How do I choose an infrared sauna? ›

Look for infrared saunas with undetectable or extremely low Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and low Electric Fields (ELF). Check your sauna has third-party tested results on its EMF levels.

What infrared sauna does Ben Greenfield recommend? ›

Clearlight Saunas is proud to be the only sauna used and recommended by Ben Greenfield. Clearlight Saunas have a 100% lifetime warranty and come in a variety of sizes, shapes & budgets. To find the best sauna for your home and your health, please visit and speak with a sauna specialist at 800.317.

Which infrared wavelength is best? ›

So which is the best? You can find published studies that show benefits of virtually all of these wavelengths. However, the bulk of clinical literature suggests that light in the mid-600 nm range and low- to mid-800 nm range is the most effective.

Why not to use infrared sauna? ›

Dr. Sharma says the dry heat generated in an infrared sauna can cause you to become overheated, and if used for a prolonged session, it can also cause dehydration and even heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

Is 20 minutes in an infrared sauna enough? ›

Keep your sessions to 20-30 minutes. Medical advisors may suggest longer sessions for certain health conditions. The ideal sauna temperature setting is between 120°F/50°C and 140°F/60°C. You should start perspiring within 10 to 15 minutes, and if not, you may need to increase the temperature by 5° increments.

What time of day is infrared highest? ›

In the morning as the sun is coming up over the horizon, IR rays make up a higher concentration of the light coming through (and just enough UV rays get through to promote their good side effects without too much of the bad!).

What color is best for infrared? ›

It all comes down to the color: Why infrared prefers black to white. The heating process in plastics processing is much quicker for darker materials. The reason behind this is that black plastic absorbs infrared radiation better than white or transparent materials.

What is the best infrared device for joint pain? ›

Our pick is the MitoPRO series because the products come with additional red and near-infrared light wavelengths to heal wounds, promote muscle recovery, and reduce nerve and joint pain. With a trial period and third-party testing, it's an investment in our health we can get behind.

Who Cannot use infrared sauna? ›

Using Infrared Saunas - Who Can And Can't

If you have an insensitivity to heat, have a fever, have a condition that inhibits your ability to sweat or have a pacemaker or defibrillator - we don't recommend using an infrared sauna.

Are infrared saunas worth the money? ›

Many studies have looked at using infrared saunas in the treatment of long-lasting health problems and found some proof that saunas may help. Conditions studied include high blood pressure, heart failure, dementia and Alzheimer's disease, headache, type 2 diabetes, and arthritis.

What kind of sauna does Gwyneth Paltrow have? ›

GOOP's founder, Gwyneth Paltrow, is also a big advocate of the relaxation and health benefits on offer in Clearlight's saunas, with the convenience of having an infrared sauna in your home being singled out by Ms Paltrow.

Is 850nm or 940nm better? ›

850nm torches will give the best picture, they will have a slightly longer usable range and they are less likely to create blurry images than 940nm torches. 850 gives better pictures because IR cameras are most sensitive to radiation in this wavelength.

What is the best light for healing? ›

Red light therapy (RLT) is a treatment that may help skin, muscle tissue, and other parts of your body heal. It exposes you to low levels of red or near-infrared light. Infrared light is a type of energy your eyes can't see, but your body can feel as heat.


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