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I can still wear it, and there seems to be a pair of camouflage rubber shoes.This set of equipment has not been worn since the end of military training, and it just comes in handy now.If it doesn t work, I take out the platform shoes worn in late autumn to deal with emergencies.It s better to cover up a little than to wear a pair of inappropriate ginger root and erectile dysfunction shoes and hurt your feet.As for what to do after the suit is worn out, it s beyond what he can think of now.Anyway, as the days go by, no one will be able to avoid going into battle shirtless.First look at the present, maybe some wise person will think of a solution by then However, this only solved part of the problem.In his mind, clothing was not only about clothing, but also suitable self defense weapons, and more importantly, suitable hunting weapons.

After he clamped the bare bone cutter in the sawn rolling pin, he wrapped it tightly with scotch tape, layer after layer.It is said that after this step, the DIY ax can be completed, but He Jun feels that it is not strong to fix only one end, and there happens to be a small round hole in the head of the bone chopping knife In order to IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública ginger root and erectile dysfunction make the knife and ax stronger, He Jun came up with the idea of the hanging hole, and spent a long time, using a small screwdriver to drill two interconnected holes in the corresponding positions of the rolling pin.Then put the screw into the hole and tighten it, and the DIY weapon of excellence was finally officially completed before dark.He Jun waved his hand twice, and couldn t help frowning.The diameter of the rolling pin was slightly thicker, and the polished surface was also a bit slippery, making it uncomfortable to hold in the hand.

When encountering such an evil thing of group time travel, another soldier appeared.No matter how you look at it, He Jun is more like a protagonist than Ye Hailong.How did they know that at this time, He Jun s nervous heart was about to jump out of his throat, and he kept screaming in his heart that he was lucky.He is not from a family of martial arts, nor has he been taught by any famous teacher, so he is really not a son of a practicing family.The reason why he can smother the earrings with one kick is because the nerds today were young and frivolous back then, and they were out and out bastards The vast majority of boys have had a martial arts dream, and He Jun is no exception.When he was in middle school, he worshiped Bruce Lee crazily.He even bought a few publicly published Martial Arts Cheats , and learned it for a while.

Ryoko stretched out her slender arms and compared her biceps, which looked like they didn t exist, and shook her head with her mouth flattened Sure.It s not me.Douzi stretched out his hand to compare himself, and then compared the awkward height, then shrugged The answer has come out.He said awkwardly, Why is it me again Who made you the tallest Douzi gloated, Go up Anyway, it was just an experiment, and he awkwardly and helplessly inserted his legs into the seat belt according to He Jun s request, and He Jun tugged hard.Well enough.But trying this way, there was no result at all, so he threw down the cloth rope and said, This won t work, let s go out and try.Where to try it He Jun laughed Don t worry, there is no danger at all He wrapped the cloth rope around his arms and was the first to leave the room.

Obviously, they were both terrified.When the man saw the SUV, he grabbed the woman and pushed her hard.The woman was overjoyed and waved desperately as if seeing a savior.Just at this moment, the giant beast turned around, and the woman stopped abruptly, retreating into the car like a frightened quail.The eyes of the gangster trio once again fell on He Jun.He Jun gritted his teeth and stretched out his hand to open the skylight I didn t say anything, who let us meet Dou Zi Got it Dou Zi immediately handed over the Molotov cocktail.He Jun leaped out of the skylight and let out a low growl with a lingering sound Drive over Although He Jun and Awkward had no communication beforehand, Awkward instinctively drove the ginger root and erectile dysfunction car to the side of the giant beast instead of hitting it directly.Just kidding, how much weight should a behemoth be with a length of ten meters I m afraid that the addition of several elephants is not as good as the big guy in front of me.

There was an uneasy commotion in the crowd, and everyone s eyes focused on He Jun in unison, guessing his identity in whispers.He Jun s heartbeat was beating violently like a drum.He glanced around for a week, took advantage of this short time to adjust his mood, pressed the switch of the electric horn, and patted on the electric horn lightly, Bang bang The slapping sound came from the electric horn.74 Going into battle 2 The commotion crowd immediately quieted down.He Jun smiled with satisfaction, raised the electric horn to his mouth, vital honey male enhancement reviews cleared his throat with a cough, and said in a calm and low voice Everyone, my surname is He He The sound of the electric horn echoed across how do you have sex several viagra from doctors buildings in the community.Passing back and forth between the buildings, the sound echoed.When he climbed on the roof of the SUV just now, he was the focus of the audience, and now he is the center of everyone s attention.

With a boom sound, the cement bricks slammed heavily on the ground next to the giant beast s head, and a lot of dust was thrown up, which also scared the giant IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública ginger root and erectile dysfunction beast to its wits, but it just didn t hit the giant beast.With a black line on He Jun s face, he shouted again What are you doing, you missed the target, come again Douzixin said that this thing can be thrown right away Resigned to his fate, he picked viagra masticable up a cement brick and was about to throw it down when the old man suddenly stopped him Baby, throw a few more at a time Douzi suddenly realized when he heard this, and immediately moved all the remaining cement bricks to his daughter s house.On the wall, they were stacked together and lifted up with difficulty, and thrown according to can viagra cause depression the position of the giant beast.Six cement bricks fell from the sky, and four of the six bricks flew through the air and hit the ground.

The grief and indignation of awkwardness can t be mentioned Even you say that That giant beast is not dead, not dead Liangzi laughed It s not dead, but it s about the same as death.Embarrassed and exasperated No, what kind of charades are you two playing, can t you explain something more clearly if you have something to say Liangzi laughed secretly If I m not wrong, Douzi It must have broken the spine of this giant beast.The awkward eyeballs almost fell out You mean, the bean smashed this thing into a paralyzed man Just because he didn t learn much doesn t mean he doesn t have common sense.That s pretty much what it means, Ryoko said.The spine of a vertebrate is one of the most important links.The most direct consequence of spinal damage is paralysis, ranging from paralysis of the lower limbs to total paralysis at high positions.

Can you rent one or buy one Immediately discouraged, isn t it, in this ghost place, what s the use of knowing the title of the book However, his eyes suddenly lit up, and he chased He Jun in a few steps Brother He, do you still remember what was said in the book How about you tell me about it He stumbled and almost fell to the ground What am I talking about I remember where I went after more than ten years If he hadn t seen the stubble in his ribs, he would never have recalled the endless memories deep in his memory.Feeling awkward and disappointed, he walked to the side sullenly, holding his crossbow in a daze.He Jun squatted down and looked at the row of sharp long teeth on the jaws of the giant beast, and pushed them in a sulky awkward way Why Are you angry No.He replied awkwardly.Yo, is your temper still coming up He Jun smiled knowingly.

The loud whistle sounded suddenly and spread far away, startling a group of sparrow sized insects in the grass IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública ginger root and erectile dysfunction that could not be named.However, the abnormal situation that He Jun wanted to see did not happen, which made him very disappointed.Just when he was about to change the place to start again, there was a sudden movement under the group of chaotic insects, and a giant frog jumped up.The tongue rolled like lightning, swallowing a flying insect in the air into its mouth.He Jun was overjoyed, raised his crossbow and pressed the trigger, and the animal tooth arrow shot into the depths of the grass with a soft whizzing sound.The distance between the giant frog and He Jun was more than 20 meters.After the crossbow arrow shot into the grass, there was no movement.He Jun tiptoed and stretched his neck, but he couldn t see whether the arrow hit the target or not He Jun made a wrong step and slid onto the hood, turned over neatly and landed on the ground, and quickly grabbed the position of the giant frog on the car Drive over there, slow down The road conditions in the grass are unknown , Slowing down can avoid unknown risks to the greatest extent.

Douzi stared blankly at the surface of the water, staring blankly for a while.Frog legs can t attract crocodiles, so you can t let people go into the water as bait, right Last time, if Liangzi hadn t been unprepared and reacted a little slower, he might not have been bitten by a carp He raised his head and glanced at He Jun with some trepidation.But after thinking about it, he wasn t stupid enough to take the initiative to stand up as bait.The sun in the sky made He Jun dizzy, and he said bitterly Wait another five minutes, if there is no more viagra lawsuit update movement, let s move to another place.Anyway, there are still two hind legs.Hind legs No Wailing, Frog legs are the best The appearance of giant frogs is not much different from modern frogs.The front legs are thin, short and small, with little meat, and it doesn t hurt to use them as bait, but the hind legs are different.

He Jun stared blankly at the splashing water, didn t know what to say, finally shook his head helplessly, walked up the river honestly for a while, found a place where the water was not so deep, and waded across the river.As the old saying goes, kill those who talk stubbornly, and drown those who know how to drink water.The latter sentence refers to a half assed person like him who can t understand it.Even without Lei Yu Jinyu in front, he doesn t want to show off his skills.When He Jun arrived near the SUV, Lei Yu had already stripped completely, and his sharp figure could be put on a stone pier as a sculpture with a layer of gold powder, which made He Jun envious and jealous again.Lei Yu twisted his wet clothes vigorously.Glancing at He Jun who came late, he grinned, showing two rows of neat teeth You are slow enough After speaking, he shook off his wrinkled trousers, stretched his legs and put them on his body.

Do you think it is safe Grinning awkwardly How can this kind of thing be accurate Dou Zi also chimed in What if the Southern Cross Dragon lived together in a sexual pill for men ginger root and erectile dysfunction pack like lions and wolves Lei Yu had a broken face Please, you two have long brains, okay If there is a group of Southern Cross dragons in this place, how can there be only two of them chasing me Douzi and Awkward were still hesitant, but He Jun generally agreed with Lei Yu s judgment Brother Lei, why don t we go together, and the two of them stay to watch the car. Stay to watch the car Your reason is really strong.Lei Yu looked in disbelief, How can a dinosaur come and drive your car away Forget it, if you don t want to come, just wait here.Xiao He, it s too late for you to regret it now.No problem He Jun handed Lei Yu his crossbow, Brother Lei, take it with you, just in case.

When our semi hardon plane flew near the open space, a dinosaur was tearing up the tent in that open space because something happened It s so weird, our plane carried live ammunition, and after killing the dinosaur, the thermal imaging camera didn t find any living people We hoisted the dinosaur back to the base, and now the leader finally believed in the fact of crossing.It s really not easy.He Jun bared gritted his teeth and said.Ouyang Sheng glared, and Captain Wang chuckled It s not easy.The leaders of the base are all steady professional soldiers.How can we make IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública ginger root and erectile dysfunction them believe such a weird thing without speaking out What happened later Lei Yu asked.The superior judged that there must be more crossing points, and ordered us to continue to expand the search area and gather as many people as possible to the base.

Do you agree Ten percent at most Professor Man, who came to his senses, bargained shrewdly, Researching dinosaur eggs requires a lot of capital investment.How can you get half of it if you don t take any money Ten percent at most Fifty percent He Jun insisted, My concession is big enough.Although I didn t invest a penny, without my dinosaur eggs, no matter how much money you have, you have no place to spend it. Fifteen percent Professor Man, who had to give in, almost crushed the few remaining teeth in his mouth.Fifty.He Jun refused to give in at all, and shook the dinosaur eggs with ginger root and erectile dysfunction one hand, One point less, and I will smash them Fifty, fifty is not enough Professor Man suddenly changed again He became a brainless professor, so he quickly agreed.Although he is engaged in research, he does not have any economic sense.

He Jun said, If you don t freeze to death, you will be poisoned first Wait for the temperature to be higher, and open the door a crack.Is it possible It s a little hot, but it s not all lit up when the door is opened If it s not waiting for the heat to come up, turn down the fire a little bit, and keep burning like this, and a tank of liquefied gas will last at most two days.145 collapsed He Jun sighed Who said No, it would be great if there was a forest nearby He once again deeply felt the shortcomings of modern products.Most modern products are only suitable for the modern age where things are extremely rich and everything can be bought with money.In this barren land, even the best technological products are cheap goods.Several people hurriedly put the quilts on the window to block the cold wind blowing through the window cracks.

It s creepy to throw all the rag dolls in the woods.It s not surprising.He Jun said understandingly, Leave me alone, and my heart will tremble a few times.Did you hear that ginger root and erectile dysfunction Luo Jiaqi gave Liangzi a vicious look, but unfortunately the sky was so dark that he could only see roughly clearly.Ryoko didn t receive this look at all.He said awkwardly Those people, are they really dead I heard that there is a kind of anesthetic, which looks like a dead person ginger root and erectile dysfunction after taking it.In fact, people are still alive Nonsense, I know I m scaring myself.He Jun resolutely called Cut off the awkward words, The time travel was not planned by anyone, where can I find anesthetics Brother He, you said it s not anesthetics, so why do they seem to be alive Awkwardly protested loudly.Of course it s because of poisoning Listen to me He Jun ginger root and erectile dysfunction stopped the curious baby s question in time, and explained in a low voice, People who are poisoned by carbon monoxide will have an abnormal cherry red skin, and their face will look redder than normal.

If it is a warm front, will the temperature rise Ryoko made inferences.It should be.He Jun left the window of the living room, Go inside, I m a bit cold.Brother He, we ve only been up for a few minutes You re so energetic now, how can you sleep Luo Jiaqi yelled annoyed.It took only two days to travel through time, and there was a difference of eight hours.The biological clock simply didn t adapt to this rhythm.Day and night were reversed, and the schedule was completely messed up.He Jun sighed I can t help it.Try as much as you can.When you fall asleep, it counts.That is to say, if you really lie on the bed, you still can t fall asleep.Sitting up awkwardly Let s find something to do Liangzi also turned over and got up It will be less than twenty hours from now to tomorrow, so I d better not sleep tonight.

He Jun moved his body casually, and planned to go home and be honest.How could he turn around and see a person covered in a red down jacket on the roof of Building No.13 Heading towards the helicopter.He Jun couldn t help being slightly startled, and after thinking for a while, he ran downstairs quickly, ran to Building No.13 with the fastest speed, and rushed straight to the top floor with three steps at a time He didn t know which unit the man was on the roof from, so he ginger root and erectile dysfunction chose the nearest unit, pushed open the door of the stairwell, strode into the snow, and approached the helicopter as fast as he could.Blocked by the snow, He Jun couldn t speed up anyhow.A line of clear footprints stretched under He Jun s feet.It took more than double the time for the helicopter to enter his sight.A thick layer of snow has accumulated near the helicopter.

However, Qiang Lei really took the survivors in the community too lightly.He experienced is zinc good for erectile dysfunction three time traveling incidents, and even the fragile nerves were tempered ginger root and erectile dysfunction male enhancement pills and meth a lot.Moreover, He Jun s analysis was not based on speculation, but a summary of wicked hard male enhancement pills ginger root and erectile dysfunction the previous testosterone supplements amazon two.According to the law of time travel, it is easy for everyone to find similarities by comparing their own experiences.Since there is hope, just wait patiently, what s the trouble As time passed day by day, Qiang Lei quickly put his mind on the possible re transmission, took all his energy back, and began to prepare for the re transmission.In fact, there is nothing to prepare for.It s just that male enhancement cream in store Qiang Lei has a feeling of being close to his hometown when he passes back.The closer he is to the time predicted by He Jun, the more nervous he will be.

I m annoyed.I can t sit still It s awkward No intention of stopping at all.Who is not upset, you have to go, find a place where I can t see Luo Jiaqi said with teeth and claws.Awkwardly, he ran into the bedroom without saying a word.Luo Jiaqi irritatedly scratched her head a few times Brother He, you haven t moved at this time, did you miscalculate the time He Jun s hand stopped on his waist suddenly It shouldn t be, Isn t today exactly the tenth day It s the tenth day.Liangzi put down the phone and rubbed his temples, It shouldn t be The knock on the door came at this time, and Luo Jiaqi rushed to the entrance, He glanced at Maoyan and said, Brother He, his surname is Lei.He Jun nodded Let him in.As soon as the door opened, Qiang Lei rushed in like a bull in heat, and asked loudly Qiang Lei, didn t you say that you can wear it for 200 hours It s time He Jun lowered his eyes and said calmly I also said that this is my guess.

I m just talking nonsense, what can you do to me Qiang Lei s unreasonable appearance was even more arrogant than a middle aged man, If you have the ability, you can sue me.He Jun almost didn t laugh out loud, and didn t return to modern times , where can the middle aged man sue Qiang Lei ignored the middle aged man, turned around and walked to the front of the crowd, shouting loudly It s all gone, viadex male potency plus system please believe me, wait for two days at most Qiang Lei made a promise, and the gathered survivors But no one moved.Qiang Lei thought it was because everyone still had doubts in their hearts, and shouted again Everyone knows what is on the roof of Building 13, right I plan to use a helicopter to check the situation around the community.If there is a result, I will Find a way to move everyone to the waterside A practical plan is more convincing than nonsense, everyone finally believed Qiang Lei s words, but suddenly someone said I, we have nothing to eat I can t hold on for two days.

There is only half of Building No.12 left, and the left and right are exactly on the same level as the buildings behind.Seeing that there were more than ten meters to run to the top of the building, two guns suddenly appeared in front of him.The person holding the gun was still ginger root and erectile dysfunction behind the wall, and only the front half of the gun and the left hand holding the gun could be seen.Before Qiang Lei could react, the two guns opened fire, and gunpowder smoke spewed ginger root and erectile dysfunction out of the muzzles.Qiang Lei s ears, which had just started to improve, were once again deafened by the deafening gunshots.Anyone who has shot a target knows that when he shoots, he doesn t feel the sound at all, but when someone around him shoots.The sound will shake the ears as if something is blocked.Qiang Lei was startled, and instinctively threw himself forward, and quickly raised his pistol.

Lan Zhiqiang, who had run out of bullets, quickly changed the magazine.The empty magazine was thrown aside.Perhaps because the enemy s counterattack was not strong enough, Lan Zhiqiang, who had replaced the live magazine, did not shoot immediately.Instead, lie there and wait, aiming, so that the two of them don t run out of bullets at the same time.He Jun didn t know the name of the soldier who was shooting.He only knew that his surname was Sha, which was not very common, so He Jun remembered it.The explosive gunshots were too hurtful to the ears, and He Jun grinned and moved a little further away.Although it only moved more than ten meters, the intensity of the gunfire seemed to have dropped by more than half, but it was a little louder, and it was no longer as deafening as before.He Jun finally breathed a sigh of relief, there was a loud bang, and there was an explosion between the two soldiers, a ball of flames and slush and pieces of meat flew into the sky, and the shock wave blowing in front of him shook He Jun like a wall.

On the real battlefield, people who were killed by shells often had their clothes No body covering.It seemed that the soldier surnamed Sha was blown away by the explosion and landed in front of him.Although he was blown away by the shells, he still held the gun tightly, and the gun seemed to be undamaged.Looking further away, Lan Zhiqiang was lying on the ground, probably farther away from the bombing point.His clothes were still in good condition, but half of his body was already stained red with blood, so he was probably dead.Suddenly, the body of the warrior surnamed Sha twitched violently a few times, the last gleam of life in his eyes disappeared, and he stared at his eyes and swallowed his last so He Jun s mind was in a mess, and the two living lives just disappeared before his eyes, not because of an accident, nor because of the weather, but because they were blown to death by the little devil s cannon A rush of blood suddenly rushed to the top of He Jun s head.

If he was not worried about being covered by the devil s artillery fire, he would have killed the devil in the forest.Even though I used a rifle, my marksmanship was no worse than that of a real sniper.The accuracy of the 81 bars was not bad.I only used mechanical sights.I didn t dare to say where to shoot within 300 meters.There was a 70 hit rate in burst shots The sniper didn t answer at all, and said in a deep voice, To the southeast, at a distance of 500 meters, at least one company The trees near the community are sparse, and you can see far away at a glance, and the sniper s vision is very good.At a glance, I saw a swaying dog shit yellow in the woods.What The observer turned pale with shock, and raised his binoculars to take a closer look, It s broken, can we shoot it It must be fired, but the devil has a gun, how many shots can we fire the ginger root and erectile dysfunction sniper said hesitantly.

The glass had to be shattered too.The layer of glass on the window seems useless, but the glass can reflect part of the light, and there is glass blocking it.No matter how good your eyes are, you can t see the situation in the room at a glance, and it can somewhat serve as a cover.Gasoline, we can pump out the gasoline in the car and throw it down the stairs together with the grenade, and burn the little devil to death.He Jun said loudly.It s a pity that during the modern period, the troops did not provide high strength alcohol to the community, otherwise they could DIY some Molotov cocktails.He Jun originally thought that this thing was a Molotov cocktail made of high grade liquor.When he returned to modern times, he checked the Internet and found out that the so called Molotov cocktail was actually an earth made incendiary bomb filled with mixed fuel.

Qiang Lei looked at the time, it was not yet half past nine in the morning.If this army of devils is the devils mentioned in the intelligence, then this afternoon, at the latest this evening, they will definitely be able to arrive at the community.As the war was imminent, He Jun immediately issued an order for a full scale mobilization, shrinking the personnel to recharge their batteries, and arranging sentries to guard continuously, just waiting for the arrival of the devils.After the news spread, the atmosphere of the battle enveloped the entire community, and everyone s heart was full of uneasiness.If Qiang Lei hadn t gathered everyone in Building No.13, ninety nine out of ten people would have taken the opportunity to escape from the community.Not everyone is so full of mission.Between keeping modern day secrets and personal life or death, the vast majority of people will choose the latter.

Niu Lei felt the same way, and couldn t help nodding his head.Liu Shun took out two walkie talkies and matching earphones and throat microphones from his bag, and after briefly explaining how to use them, he said The battery is low, don t turn it on until the devils come, just turn on mine to keep in touch with other groups.Oh, huh, when we go back, we have to rely on this thing to communicate with the plane.Niu Lei skillfully put on the individual radio, He Jun didn t know what to do, and finally Liu Shun helped him clip the hairpin like throat mic around his neck superior.He Jun stuffed the walkie talkie into his coat and said, The lower the temperature, the less durable the battery will be.Put it in your clothes.Although there is a layer of woolen sweater between the walkie talkie and the body surface, it is like an ice brick.

He Jun is just an ordinary otaku, but even an otaku has his own persistence.He shook his head.Regardless of whether it was intact or damaged, he quickly collected the weapons and equipment belonging to Liu Shun, do anabolic steroids cause erectile dysfunction and carried the gun on his back.Stuff the other things into the backpack, and do the same with Niu Lei s weapons and equipment.Probably because Liu Shun threw away the rifle can marijuana treat erectile dysfunction when he was knocked down by the bullet.The 81 bar belonging to Liu Shun was not damaged in the explosion, only the magazine on the gun was deformed by the shrapnel, and the bullet got stuck in the magazine.Except for the machine gunner and the sniper, everyone involved in the ambush had a rifle with four spare magazines and a radio station for individual soldiers.The average load is less than ten kilograms.Everyone in the second group fired at least one magazine, which was equivalent to reducing part of the load.

Except that the man operating the machine gun at the cabin door was not the squad leader, everything was so familiar, which gave He Jun an illusion of chaotic time.The ghosts mike liquor store near me male enhancement pills that work sexual performance of the Kono brigade suffered enough from the helicopter, and when they saw the plane appearing again, all the devils shrank their necks in unison.The firepower of the helicopter was not violent, and Mao Xueming fired one shot after another.Every time he hit, a devil would be dismembered on the spot.The large caliber bullets ginger root and erectile dysfunction that fell from the sky hit the devil soldier s head, and the devil s head was blown to pieces like a smashed watermelon if it hit the shoulder, half of the torso would disappear It can beat a living devil into pieces of broken skin and rotten flesh.At first glance, those dead devils looked like they had exploded from the inside of their bodies.

With only two legs, it was impossible to arrive in such a short time anyway.The rescue operation started immediately.Captain Wang jumped off the plane and met Qiang Lei just in time Why are you here He inadvertently glanced behind Qiang Lei and was startled.Qiang Lei was actually followed by the second master But it s right to think about it, if it s not the bandit leader, where can I find a horse drawn sledge Can I not come A trace of bitterness flashed across Qiang Lei s eyes, Why did it crash He never thought that sending the plane out would have such a result The tail pulp was broken by the little devil.Captain Wang said.How was the battle Qiang Lei asked again.Captain Wang was silent for a while and said The devil s fighting power is very strong.You should ask the mike liquor store near me male enhancement pills that work sexual performance first squad leader for details.

He Jun keenly noticed that the rescuers from the community carried all their guns on their backs, and did not put a single one on the sledge.Even the heavy machine gun wicked hard male enhancement pills ginger root and erectile dysfunction was held in the arms of the squad leader.Captain Wang finally got into the cabin to look again, and after making sure that he had taken away all the usable things, he jumped out of wicked hard male enhancement pills ginger root and erectile dysfunction the cabin and nodded at Qiang Lei.With an order from Qiang Lei, the convoy embarked on the return journey.Before leaving, Captain Wang personally threw two melon grenades into the cabin.In the bang, the explosion ignited the little fuel left in the fuel tank, and the broken helicopter was gradually engulfed in flames.Captain Wang raised his hand to salute ginger root and erectile dysfunction the fighter plane in the raging flames, took one mike liquor store near me male enhancement pills that work sexual performance last look reluctantly, and resolutely turned to jump on the sledge.

Neither the devil nor his own people knew that he was injured.238 The severe pain of the sacrifice made Lu Hongyu tremble all over, but IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública ginger root and erectile dysfunction what was even more frightening was that he found that his legs were twisted at an angle that would never be possible under normal circumstances, and warm blood gushed out of the wound like a fountain.Lu Hongyu knew that his thigh must have been broken by a bullet, and after sitting on the ground for a few seconds, he felt bouts of dizziness, probably due to injuries to the large blood vessels.With such a serious injury, it is difficult to be rescued even in modern times.In this ghost place, he should be sentenced to death.Lu Hongyu knew that he would not be awake for long, so he picked up the crooked handle and pulled the trigger handle violently, and the stuck magazine fell out from under the hopper.

Tears couldn t stop pouring out of Luo Jiaqi s and awkward eyes, and Liangzi s eyes were also glistening.Feeling empty in his heart, He Jun hugged Qiang Lei first, forced a smile and said, Qiang Ying, please don t let me disappear.No, you re a good kid, work hard and make something happen.Qiang Lei punched He Jun and said.I ll try my best.He Jun s eyes flickered.As an otaku with no big ambitions, his greatest ambition is to have food and drink without disease and disaster, and to keep his wife and children warm.He Jun hugged Mao Xueming again, said a few words of blessing, and finally walked in front of Liangzi, looking into Liangzi s eyes silently.It s only been a little over a month since I met the trio of gangsters, but what I ve experienced together can t keep up with what other people have experienced in several lifetimes.

He Jun s earth made cloud bomb would never kill so many devils, and it was hard to say gorrila male enhancement who would win in the end.At this time, the devil has discovered that the East Building is just an empty building The East Building is a new building with no residents.The inside was full of unfinished houses, and it was clear what was in the house, so it didn t take long for the devil to figure out what was going on in the building.After discovering the anomaly in the east building, the devil left only a few guards, while the others withdrew from the east building and rushed towards Building No.14.Just as the devil rushed downstairs to Building No.14, there was a sudden burst of gunshots from the south.The devil commander immediately sent a few devils to the south to inquire about the news.More than 400 devils were originally two squadrons, and the leaders of the two squadrons were divided into two groups to capture the north and the south.

The north road attacks the east building, and the south road attacks the No.12 building at the southwest corner.The devils who attacked Building No.12 had no intention of going through the unit door from the very beginning.Instead, climb directly from the south side of Building No.12 to the slow platform above the garage, smash the glass and get into the building.The devils couldn t figure out what the modern electrical appliances in Building No.12 were for.They all looked like Grandma Liu who had entered the Grand View Garden, not only that her eyes were not enough.Be even more careful in your actions so as not to accidentally bump into something fatal.Not counting the half unit on the easternmost side, there are only six units left in Building No.12.Among the twelve households on the first floor, the doors of eight households are locked from the outside.

He Jun instinctively spit out the earthy water in his mouth, wiped his face indiscriminately, and saw the drops of water all over his face at a glance, especially the frizzy hair and tangled beard of the second master, which was even more radiant flood.The shirtless Erdangjia was spitting out something in his mouth without knowing what.He Jun put down a big stone in his heart, and let out a long breath Second leader, let s go He turned around awkwardly and walked out.As he walked, he thought, the speed of the second master s undressing is really fast enough However, Erdangjia didn t go out immediately, but plunged into the water and touched the gun and clothes he left in the water.The wet cotton coat was too heavy, and he was soaked anyway, so he didn t sexual pill for men ginger root and erectile dysfunction go to the water at all.Lift it up, soak it in the water and drag it out.

Several people split up and used the time before meals to check the situation of each unit.From the eighteenth floor to the third floor again and again, but returned again and again disappointed, and finally confirmed that all six people left in the underground parking lot were killed.Lunch was ready, but everyone was not in a good mood, so they rushed to the rooftop together to prepare for shooting training.As the coach, the second erectile dysfunction etymology leader was not proactive at all, and it was He Jun who reminded him to slowly explain his spear training three people.The squad leader listened very carefully.Although he was not from a field army, the training received by the whole army was the same, and he didn t feel that his training level was poor at all.The reason why there is a gap with the second leader is that he is not a shooter of the frontline troops, the number of live ammunition shots is small, and the number of bullets fired is limited.

When everyone speaks, there will always be a bunch of words that he doesn t understand, so he usually turns on the listening mode in which he only listens but not speaks.Today, he understands He Jun s words rarely, and when he is happy, the listening mode is automatically turned off.He Jun organized the language and said We are not far from the East Building, but there is a distance of fifty or sixty meters, but the distance between Building 17 and Building 12 is less than ten meters.The water has not been replenished much.The gap has to flow out again, and the wood can t get in at that distance.It s safer than us.Everyone suddenly realized again.Although He Jun was just guessing, everyone felt that what he said was reasonable, everything was clear, and everyone put their hearts that were hanging in the air back in their stomachs.

Not to mention that no one noticed, after hearing what he said, everyone ginger root and erectile dysfunction looked at the plane in unison, and they found that the altitude of the plane has been dropping.Strange, does he regard our place as a refuge He Jun asked wonderingly.At this time, a lot of people poured out on the roof of Building 13, and the plane suddenly dropped significantly, passing over the roof at a very low altitude and speed, almost grazing the roof Before flying off the rooftop, a small black spot was dropped from ginger root and erectile dysfunction the plane.The crowd on the roof of Building No.13 fell down, followed by the sound of cursing.A light aircraft is also an aircraft, if it is really not high enough to hit someone, it is much more serious than being hit by a car.If the plane had not flown far away, someone would have shot at the plane.

After flying out of the range of the roof, the plane climbed again and made a 180 degree turn in the air.Why did you fly back again Er Dangjia asked curiously.Maybe I really want to land.He Jun said, The one just now was a test, and the real landing will only be american strong t shirts made after the verification Before he finished speaking, the plane deviated from the thirteenth building and went to the tenth building.Building No.4 flew straight over.Why did he fly over here What do you want The second leader handed over the gun to his left hand, ginger root and erectile dysfunction and quickly moved the bolt with his right hand, and loaded the bullet with a click.Don t be impulsive The first squad leader stopped, There should be no danger.His eyes were fixed on Building No.13.Someone had already picked up the things thrown from the plane, ginger root and erectile dysfunction and more than a dozen people gathered in a circle to pass them around.

The simple outline of the pilot s body was a suit of clothes, which distinguished the ginger root and erectile dysfunction primitive from the modern.The primitive man led the pilot into the cave where they lived, and a torch shone on the cave wall, reflecting the patchwork murals on the cave wall.A big exclamation mark suddenly appeared above the pilot s head, and there was a huge question mark side by side, and a rising mushroom cloud was actually drawn on the wall in front of the pilot Under the mushroom cloud is a towering and dangerous peak, male enhancement pills how they work mike liquor store near me and the curly lines under the peak draw rolling waves.The next painting is the scene of the pilot witnessing the nuclear explosion in the air.Under the mushroom cloud, there is also a towering mountain, and the waves are rolling under the peak.The content on the screen was actually consistent with He Jun s deduction.

When the orders from his superiors came over the radio, he repeatedly answered yes.Finally, he turned off the radio and said, The situation has been reported, and the higher ups have their own arrangements.Now you come with me.No Question, what you say is what you say.Ouyang Sheng said indifferently.Not long.A whole team of armored vehicles drove up from outside the community.These armored vehicles were not combat vehicles, but carried simple pontoon bridges.A strange looking armored bridge carrying vehicle.Several armored bridging vehicles connected together easily erected a simple iron bridge leading directly to Building No.13 from the outside.He Jun on the roof of Building No.14 couldn t see the specific situation in the south, but everyone saw a stream of armored bridge vehicles driving into the community, and a big stone in He Jun s heart was finally let go.

She insisted firmly.Okay, it s you, Brother He.okay Lei Yu suddenly showed a smirk, I said, nephew He Jun The gangster duo was stunned at the same time, and then burst into laughter.He Jun almost slipped on ginger root and erectile dysfunction the ground.He rubbed his nose and smiled wryly I m just a generation down Lei Yu looked at Qiqi s angry appearance, and also grinned.After laughing, everyone s relationship was obviously much closer.He Jun smiled and asked Qiqi, Brother Lei, what have you been doing all these years How about it The smiles on the two faces obviously restrained a lot, Lei Yu sighed That s Is it because you threw the gun at me and got in trouble He ginger root and erectile dysfunction Jun asked anxiously.At that time, many people saw Lei Yu throwing the gun into the crossing area, and they were held accountable for throwing the gun afterwards.

He Jun nodded After we separated from you, we only traveled through the three time spaces of the Cambrian, 31 years and the prehistoric flood.Less than 300 IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública ginger root and erectile dysfunction people have survived until now.Who knows where we will travel next time Lei Yu s face changed Xiao He, do you want to go back and continue traveling Whoever wants to go back is the grandson He Jun scolded without thinking, You don t know, we look forward to returning to modern times as soon as possible every day , but what I want to go back to is the modern times ten years ago, not the present modern times.Lei Yu s brows became deeper and deeper Is this different, you still want to continue traveling Of course not.He Jun categorically denied I want to know the situation of my parents first.If both of male enhancement pills how they work mike liquor store near me them are fine, I will stay as a filial piety.

He Jun bit his teeth angrily.Geng Le looked at He Jun and smiled slightly Don t worry, I ll arrange someone to reinforce the buildings in the community right away.He Jun s face twitched Reinforcement is useful, and what you ve been wearing all these years is no longer a ruin.Geng Le Pursing her lips You want to go back to ten years ago.I need someone to take things back.This is a wicked hard male enhancement pills ginger root and erectile dysfunction matter of mutual benefit.I won t force you to do anything.Everything is voluntary.If you regret it, you can bring it up at any time.I don t regret it, don t look down on people.He Jun looked relaxed, But Major Geng, you also know that crossing is too random, and there is no pattern at all.Every time you cross, you will encounter Different dangers, and no one knows how many times to travel back to ten years ago, will the military give me some special support 301 material list Special support Geng Le was ginger root and erectile dysfunction a little stunned, What kind of support is very simple reads .

Why not He Jun said bluntly, If I remember correctly, the Earth s crust didn t stabilize until the Cambrian IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública ginger root and erectile dysfunction period.If we go back a few hundred million years from the last time, not only will the atmosphere suffocate us, maybe there will be an earthquake.Didn t you say that all these years have only returned to ruins Maybe it was before the Cambrian period that all those buildings collapsed.Really Geng Le s mind was in a mess, He Jun s words sounded reasonable, but he didn t know much about it, and he didn t know whether He Jun was right or not.After hesitating for a moment, Geng Le said in a deep voice while recording on the paper I will report your words to the superior.He Jun s shoulders immediately collapsed what are the side effects of erectile dysfunction drugs Hey, I said you have been talking for so long, and you have no feelings.This power Isn t this playing with people Fart Geng Le was furious, You want guns and bullets, even tanks and cannons, I can solve them, but I am a little major, I have the ability to transfer Can a space capsule come over 302 Bargaining I ve said it all, I don t really want a space capsule He Jun re emphasized helplessly, but before he finished speaking, Geng Le rudely interrupted I know He Jun was startled, looked at Geng Le in puzzlement, and waited for his explanation.

After disassembly, you must be able to put it back together.The requirements are not high.It depends on whether you have learned the skills reads .He Jun s smile froze immediately, and he turned his head to look at the rows of neatly arranged weapons, and suddenly felt a slight cramp in his calf.Don t look at it, it s useless.I m not embarrassing you, weapons are also there.Temper, if you can viagra bluelight t understand its temperament, not only will you not be able to hurt the enemy, but you may even hurt yourself.Speaking of this, Geng Le suddenly turned around, Ouyang, please help me get a 40 fire.Ouyang Sheng obviously showed surprise, but the accident was accidental, and he moved quickly, and quickly took a bazooka and handed it to Geng Le.Holding the bazooka in his hand, Geng Le smiled sinisterly Look, someone looks familiar I seem to have seen it somewhere muttered awkwardly.

In fact, the three men present didn t care how the devil died, but they all decided to hide this matter from Qiqi.When passing by the elevator, He Jun accidentally found that the downward elevator button was welded to a room of thin metal plates, and he subconsciously poked his finger on the upward button.There was only a light ding sound, and the elevator doors slid open smoothly to both sides, revealing the familiar elevator car.Awkward, who had already walked past the elevator, turned around in surprise Is it fixed It s not broken in the first place, okay He Jun corrected.It had been unusable before because there was no electricity.Now that the power supply is guaranteed, the elevator has of course returned to normal.What are you waiting for Come on Lin Kai urged.He Jun and Awkward laughed together, very narrowly.

He thought that the Tyrannosaurus was dead, but he didn t expect that the shot had a skylight on the head of the Tyrannosaurus, and it was still roaring violently, showing no signs of dying.Lin Kai s eyeballs almost fell downstairs, and he turned his head to look at He Jun in amazement I got hit on the forehead, so why is the dragon okay Hello on the neck 320 Controversy He Jun knows that the brains of dinosaurs are very small, and the adult Tyrannosaurus Rex, several stories tall, has a brain volume only slightly larger than that of humans, and its shape is still very strange and irregular round strips of reads .The brain of the Tyrannosaurus rex occupies a very small proportion of the head, and its location is not clear for a while.It is no easier to hit the nerve center under layers of protection than to hit the heart of a human being 400 meters away.

Lin Kai followed him for a while on a whim, although he didn t work hard.The level of throwing is average, but hiding The level of the giant sword is not bad.The giant sword is menacing, but this thing is too big, and the speed is not a little bit worse than the small flying knife.Link Kai, who is used to avoiding flying knives, will naturally not pay ginger root and erectile dysfunction attention to it.Turn over and sit awkwardly On the ground, his eyes widened Second Master, Brother Kai, my admiration for you is like the waves of the river Stop, stop, stop He Jun hurriedly made a pause gesture, Look, I didn t let the giant sword slap me to death, why are you dissatisfied and want to disgust me to death Awkwardly he smiled and was about to speak, when Lin Kai suddenly ducked down and hid under the wall, and immediately heard a muffled bang from outside the wall, and a lot of rubble suddenly fell from the sky, crackling and smashing on several people who were caught off guard.

This time Bi Min surprisingly didn t talk to Ma Ning, and said thoughtfully If they have really come into contact with the time traveler, there is really such a possibility What about Lao Zhou Why hasn t he moved He has a good brain Make, ask him to come out and want to reads together .It s time to come out early, who knows what he s busy with.Ma Ning curled his lips dissatisfied, Besides, there is nothing to think about, isn t it just ten days, no matter what happens during this period, everyone is not allowed to go out, won t it be over if you persist until the next time travel Haha, you old horse finally said something human, and I thought so too Bi Min said triumphantly.I am Ma Ning spit directly.Xiao He, do you think I m right Bi Min blatantly wins over his allies.He Jun has seen the crooked ability of these two people, and said with a smile Of course, we don t care what they like, let alone they are descendants of modern people, even if they are modern people, How much money does it have to do with us Bi Min smiled brightly I like to hear that, so let s do it like this, old horse, don t forget to tell old Zhou mike liquor store near me male enhancement pills that work sexual performance later, so that he won t be confused all day long.

I don t believe that the old giant has no conspiracy in his heart.The old giant came to the door for the first time to talk and discuss, but will he be so calm next time There are only a few half people in the community, once the giant turns his face, there is almost no possibility of keeping the community Don t look at everyone with guns and bullets in their hands.But these light weapons have very limited effect on the giants.Unless the shortcoming of heavy weapons can be made up for, everyone will be ginger root and erectile dysfunction able to resist the onslaught of a large number of giants it is not He Jun who is pessimistic.But it is The buildings in the community are indeed very strong after being reinforced.Just dinosaurs, even if they are exhausted, they will not be able to break open the concrete shell of these buildings.

However, He Jun was still not at ease, and took Zhou Jian straight Went to Feng Fu s new house, after Feng Fu proved that Zhou Jian was indeed a companion who entered the community together, He Jun was relieved, and took Zhou Jian to another vacant house.He sat on the sofa alone, tilting his head Point to the sofa on the side Sit.Zhou Jian couldn t figure out what He Jun wanted to do, but he tactfully followed He Jun s instructions and sat down obediently.344 The Survival After the Catastrophe 2 He Jun recalled the appearance of the police at work in the TV series, and put on a business like cold face Tell me, where have you been these two days Zhou Jian reluctantly showed a face that was uglier than crying With a smile No, I didn t go anywhere.His eyes kept aiming at He Jun s leg.It s not that he s abnormal, but that He Jun has a pistol hanging on his lap.

Lin Kai grinned indifferently, and straightened the cannon in his waist.The two people who had just stepped onto the roof turned back and knocked on Zhou Jian s door.Who Zhou Jian s muffled question came from the door.It s me, open the door.He Jun took another shot on the door twice.Wait a minute Zhou Jian yelled, opened the door after a while, and smiled awkwardly at He Jun.He Jun found that his eyes were a little red and swollen.He asked nonchalantly, Old Zhou, do you know Zhou Jie Zhou Jian was taken aback for a moment Yes, he tamsulosin hydrochloride male enhancement also escaped back He Junxin agreed, but in order to confirm the news, he still asked clearly He was also caught by the giant, right right.Zhou Jian nodded.Did he escape too He Jun asked cautiously.Zhou Jian showed a embarrassed look It seems, it seems to have escaped.

The two of them didn t think there was anything wrong, but they suffered for other people in the community.Those who lived in the protected area were lucky to say that the thick outer walls blocked the gunshots, but people like Feng Fu who lived outside the protected area were out of luck.They didn t know what happened, and they didn t dare to leave the residence casually, so they all crowded around the window and stretched their necks to look around.A few minutes later.The drone flew over the ferry, and the game was suspended.He Jun observed the ferry carefully and found that the two sides were still in a confrontation.How is this going He Jun almost froze on the spot.According to Zhou Jian, the leather giant s camp was attacked yesterday, and he seized the opportunity to escape.According to this, the tyrannosaurus cavalry must have broken through the leather giant s camp at night.

Even He Jun himself couldn t help taking off his helmet, which wasn t too heavy, to breathe fresh air into his head.According to his expectation, after the four of them entered the forest, they should go through the 30 kilometers of primeval forest without fear of hardships and hardships.But I found it when I walked into the depths of the jungle.The shrubs and bottom plants in the forest are low and sparse, neither affecting sight nor driving.Moreover, there is a large plain nearby, and the terrain basically has no ups and downs.As long as the direction is correct, the road will be smooth and the speed will be much faster than expected.No wonder Zhou Jian over the counter penis enlargement pills was able to escape back to the community in only half a night, no wonder Qu Xiaoli, a woman, could walk 30 kilometers away in just one day When I made the plan yesterday, there were still more than a hundred hours before the next crossing, and I waited until the morning departure.

Such a large spaceship has no supplies He Jun raised his tone in disbelief.There is not enough data, so I can t answer.He Jun was very discouraged Forget it, I will go to the warehouse to look for it myself.The size of this spaceship is equivalent to a nuclear powered aircraft carrier, the aircraft carrier of the Gringo.With a full ginger root and erectile dysfunction load of five or six thousand people, this spaceship must have a crew of one thousand or eight hundred.With so many people eating and sleeping on the boat, the provisions must be stored.Even if they find only a little bit, it will be enough for the two of them to eat for a while.However, we must prepare for the worst before finding supplies, so He Jun thought for a while and asked, How much food do we have left Lin Kai sighed We prepare meals for five days, and I still have four bags in my bag.

The two daughters are bright beautiful , so I took a few more glances, not because I m telling you, but I can see that the two girls are wrong at a glance.Then what He Jun asked.It s been a while since he left the bandit s lair, and Lin Kai swears less and less often, only when he s very excited, will he utter a few words from time to time.Although He Jun didn t know what pulling the string meant, he could make a good guess based on the context before and after, so he didn t ask specifically.As soon as I thought about it, I knew that that person didn t have a good background.Lin Kai slammed his fist into the palm of his hand, Originally, they are all living in the world, with many friends and many paths.He took his sunny path and I followed my path.No one can hinder anyone, and I have no intention of breaking the rules.

Dinosaurs have appeared in many modern science fiction works, but the paleontological world has never discovered human shaped lizard fossils, and the when is it best to take testosterone booster brains of dinosaurs are generally small, so the general view in the biological world is that reptiles have never evolved as human beings.wisdom.As for the small brain capacity of reptiles, in He Jun s view, it is not a problem at all.There are no fewer types of mammals than reptiles, ranging from mammoths to mice, but only humans have evolved intelligence.Could it be said that humans have evolved wisdom.Isn t it a mammal No wonder However, in ginger root and erectile dysfunction He Jun s opinion, the population represented by dinosaurs or reptiles is too extensive.The naming of Dinosaurs, Reptilians, or Reptilians is a mistake in itself.According to this theory, human beings should be called breastfeeding talents.

It s understandable.Lingshen didn t think it was disobedient, but continued without changing his mind, There are at least a dozen artificial intelligences we have come into contact with.But most of the artificial intelligences contacted a control center ginger root and erectile dysfunction after the spacecraft was repaired.It won t ginger root and erectile dysfunction be long before the spaceship disappears.Wait, don t you guys have mastered artificial intelligence He Jun asked, frowning.One of them had a ginger root and erectile dysfunction how to become more sexually active pills malfunction.We could no longer contact the control center, so we left it behind the other was because we deliberately delayed the progress of the repair and never fixed the spacecraft.Lingshen s expression was helpless and gloomy, We need With the help of artificial ginger root and erectile dysfunction intelligence, otherwise we would not have the ability to build space battleships at our current level of technology.

He felt that there might be something related that he didn t try dynamo erectile dysfunction know, so he simply followed Wen Tianyi s mind.You came and I exchanged a few homely words, and the atmosphere at the scene became more and more relaxed.If someone who didn t know saw it, they would think it was a few neighbors who had nothing to do and chatted together.He Jun felt that the heat was almost ready, and asked curiously Old Wen, there is something I want to ask.If you have something to say, don t be polite.He Jun glanced at Lin Kai We just arrived today.I m not familiar with men first time sex the place, so no one should know about it, how could someone pick me up And I heard that you were waiting here yesterday, did you know that we were here today Wen Tianyi laughed loudly Of course I already knew it, it was recorded in the history books.

For this era, for the giants still in the era of cold weapons, the deterrent effect of a large number of explosives will not be lower than that of nuclear weapons.All thoughts flashed through He Jun s mind, but it s not yet time to solve this matter.The most important thing right now male enhancement pills how they work mike liquor store near me is to eliminate the remaining giants in the community Thinking of this, He Jun asked Lin Kai to stop, and the two of them rushed to the community in full gear, and handed over the all terrain vehicle to Awkward before leaving, and asked him wicked hard male enhancement pills ginger root and erectile dysfunction to find Qiqi through the communication signal he was looking for.The straight line distance between the two places where you get off the car and the community is no male enhancement pills how they work mike liquor store near me more than three kilometers.They can jump more than ten meters away.After more than two minutes, the two arrived at the edge of the community, which happened ginger root and erectile dysfunction to be on the west side of the community, and they only needed to advance more than ten meters.

Lei Lidong spoke one sentence after another, and started from the beginning.He Jun s ears automatically blocked the redundant content, sorted out all the words, and got some useful information The armored giant and the leather giant belong to two groups.Different camps, the armored giant country is strong, while the leather armor giant country is small and weak.This can be seen from the equipment gap between the two sides.There are still seven or eight small countries like the leather giant, and they are barely alliances with each other, and they jointly fight against the strong oppression of the armor giant.The river to the west of the community is the boundary river between the two countries.However, the environment in this area is harsh and sparsely populated, which is not suitable for large troops to deploy, so there are not many troops on both sides, and the people on both sides don t care much about such unclear things as national borders.

Among the few who surrendered, only two were still in the community.It seemed that the others had already walked out of the community.I don t know how wonderful the expression on Ma Ning s face must be when he found out that the community had crossed just after he left the community.In fact, this is also good, staying in the community may not be a good thing for Ma Ning, since staying in the age of giants, let s live well.Perhaps, Age of Giants is also a good destination.As soon as this thought appeared, He Jun lost consciousness.In the mist, He Jun suddenly felt a violent vibration under his body.This feeling was distant and illusory, but this feeling became more and more real.He Jun suddenly remembered that he had just traveled through the community, and he suddenly came to his senses, and his illusory feeling immediately became a reality.

Only then did she breathe a sigh of relief.It turned out that the communication was interrupted, not something happened to her elder brother He.At this time, He Jun also found that the communication was interrupted.The distance upstairs and downstairs was tens of meters, but no signal could be received, which shows how harsh the electromagnetic environment outside is.He couldn t help smiling bitterly.When he first arrived in this era, he only thought that there was no other difference except the composition of the atmosphere.How could he have imagined it for such a short time, and the reality gave him a hard blow.Air, volcanoes, earthquakes, heavy rain and thunderstorms, the environment of this era cannot be described as harsh.You must know that it is only a few hours, and there are still nearly 200 hours between now and the next crossing, who knows what kind of disaster will happen.

Once the sexual pill for men ginger root and erectile dysfunction protected area is contaminated by radiation dust, the consequences will be disastrous.He Jun couldn t even wait to put on protective clothing.Wearing power armor, I wanted to get out of the car, but before the door was opened, another thunder exploded outside the car and resounded through the sky.Although he didn t see the arcs crawling around this time, He Jun s hand stretched out to the car door froze all of a sudden.Power armor can protect against radiation but not thunderstorms, so just rush out of the car, what if you are struck by lightning ginger root and erectile dysfunction halfway He Jun kept telling himself to be calm, but suddenly he made up his mind, rushed into the cockpit, prepared the equipment to start the all terrain vehicle, and waited patiently for the opportunity.After about two minutes.The all terrain vehicle was swayed again by the wind.

Everyone watched the two people leave with more or less worry in their eyes.As for what they were worried about, only they themselves knew.The two left Building 14 and walked towards Building 13 in silence.He Jun habitually looked around while walking, accidentally saw the morning sun rising in the east, and suddenly found that the morning sun that had just jumped out of the sea seemed to be covered with a layer of frosted glass, and the volcano that had been emitting black smoke was also like a cloud.Blocked by a layer of light gauze.Before He Jun could speak, Lin Kai also noticed the abnormality in his vision.The two quickly looked at each other.Their heavy hearts melted like ice and snow in a hot summer, and they felt dumbfounded at the same time.Don t come early, don t come late, it s savage growth plus pills really his grandma who came at this time.

For example, why did you bring us here At this time, another round spaceship appeared outside the window, As the spaceship moved, more and more circular spaceships came into sight, and spaceships of the same type kept coming in the distance.The mistake we made was that ginger root and erectile dysfunction we shouldn t return to this sad place.Old Ka said suddenly.What Nothing.Lao Ka refused to answer.He Jun wondered why this man was male enhancement pills how they work mike liquor store near me so naughty.Seeing his appearance of rejecting others thousands of miles away, He Jun had no choice but to keep his stomach full of questions in his stomach.It s almost time, come with me.Lao Ka suddenly broke the silence, and before he finished speaking, everyone floated up again.Continue to follow behind the old card.The moment he drifted away from his original position, He Jun suddenly saw a familiar figure outside the window, but he floated away from the porthole before he could see it clearly, no matter how he looked back, it was useless.

It was pitch black outside the window, neither lights nor stars, even if he had excellent eyesight, he couldn t see anything.He Jun secretly rejoiced that there was no need to turn on the lights in broad daylight before the crossing.I turned on the night vision function of the armor, but I didn t ginger root and erectile dysfunction expect that I still couldn t see the outside situation clearly, only a faint light and shadow ginger root and erectile dysfunction could be seen.He froze for a moment, what s going on The night vision equipment on the Hunting Armor is a dual mode night vision device with red and low light.There is only one reason for the failure of imaging, that is, there is no light outside the landing craft, and the temperature difference is very small But He Jun couldn t think of where this would happen, so he couldn t help being startled, and quickly switched to other windows.

Who else has it besides the time traveler He Jun was stunned I hear what you mean, you are here to find the time traveler Of course, This ghost place is full of radiation and mutants, ten of them come in and nine of them can t get out.It s not to find the time traveler, who would dare to go to this ghost place to die He Jun looked up at Lin Kai You know we re here I don t know, it s just luck.Then there are often traversers in this place Not load pills often, anyway, there are always three or two times throughout the year.He Jun took a breath, thinking he was embarrassed Isn t it possible that this place will gather together at the crossing point Modern times happen to be in the period of time travel explosion.However, I haven t heard of any place where crossing points gather.What s so special about this place that can attract so many crossing points.

If you don t dare to come, forget it.No.I didn t mean that.It was getting late , ginger root and erectile dysfunction He Jun didn t intend to continue talking, the assault vehicle suddenly started, backed up for a distance, and then made a 180 degree sharp turn and left.No matter how the two ginger root and erectile dysfunction male enhancement pills and meth waves of people plead behind, there is no sign of slowing down.Lin Kai let go of the machine gun and sat back in the car, heaving a long sigh of relief.The assault vehicle galloped all the way, and when it returned to the col, the sun had already set on the top of the mountain, and the giant ginger root and erectile dysfunction shadow of the high snow mountain fell into the col.It was half dark immediately.By the time the assault vehicle returned to the mountain pass, it was almost completely dark.He Jun noticed that Lin Kai had been staring at the left side in a daze, and asked strangely, What are you looking at Lin Kai said uncertainly, Look at that, does it look like a spaceship He Jun kicked Stepping on the brakes, he turned his head and took a look It s a bit like it.

He Jun turned the assault vehicle into the gate Having a car is useful, and they don t have power armor.The radiation area alone is enough to give them a headache for a while.Besides, it s not sure whether these boys dare to come.You are right no matter what, I am convinced.Lin Kai shook his head and smiled wryly.He Jun suddenly came to a sudden stop, and thought about it seriously What you said makes sense.What Lin Kai confused He Jun.He Jun didn t speak, jumped out of the car sideways and walked out of the passage, took out the laser gun under the coming daylight, aimed at the ground and burned a hollow arrow pointing to the passage.485 Someone on the ground put away the laser gun, and He Jun clapped his hands in satisfaction I can t lose it ginger root and erectile dysfunction now.Lin Kai was dumbfounded That s okay He Jun shrugged without sincerity Whether it works or not is none of my business.

The output power of the light armor can t be compared with the medium armor at all.The killer s desperate struggle is nothing more than a mantis arm as a car fly shakes a tree, the killer s chest is pierced by the blade, and his roar suddenly turns into a desperate cry.Zhou Hongye pressed down relentlessly, and the saber instantly pierced the killer s heart.The killer IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública ginger root and erectile dysfunction only felt a sharp pain in his left chest, the power of his ginger root and erectile dysfunction body gradually disappeared, and the last bit of vitality froze, leaving only his eyes staring blankly at the blue sky.Zhou Hongye stepped on the killer s chest, and pulled out the bloody saber with a creaking sound, and the blood that had not solidified gushed out from the gap pierced by the saber like a fountain.He Jun s pupils shrank slightly, and he sat down on the back of the assassin at his feet, holding the saber with both hands behind his back and holding it high above his head, chiseling it down with all his strength.

Withdraw, withdraw He Jun yelled three times in a row, picked up Zhou Hongye and ran up the mountain.Others acted immediately, helped the wounded and rushed to the crossing point.At this time, the right killer also recalled, no longer shooting blindly, but concentrated firepower to block the crossing point on the hillside.The smoke not only blocked the enemy s line of sight, but also blocked the line of sight of his own side.Lin Kai, who was running ahead, dived into the dense bullet rain, and was hit by more than a dozen bullets in a row.Then Zhou Jian was also knocked to the ground by the enemy s bullet rain, the two of them retreated from the enemy s fire range in embarrassment, the others stopped hesitantly, and everyone s eyes focused on He Jun at the same time.It is not difficult for 507 to disengage people wearing heavy armor and rush through the fire blockade.

He Jun was taken aback, looked down and looked again, but no matter how hard he looked, he couldn t see that the strange character was the word for female.He couldn t help scratching his head It s useless to know what she wrote, and she doesn t know simplified characters Speak simplified characters, even if you know traditional characters Everyone looked at Lin Kai in unison, and Lin Kai quickly let go of his arms What are you looking at, I don t know how to write Forget it.He Jun waved his hand, We re not here to pick up girls, come to me Everyone immediately moved to He Jun s side, the woman blinked her big eyes, looking curiously at these strange men in strange armor, not understanding what they wanted to do.Qiqi suddenly said Let s take her away too, don t leave her here by herself.You try.

The movements of several people were too large, and the deformed warheads attached to the armor jingled and fell off.on the ground.Enemies of unknown origin rushed out of the shuttle cabin.Seeing the armor of those people, He Jun seemed to have a string broken in his mind.He raised his arm suddenly and suppressed the muzzles of everyone Don t move, everyone Don t move Old He Lin Kai was startled and terrified.Listen to me, don t move He Jun insisted.Do you want to rebel Shoot me Legion waved his small pistol that could only be used for suicide, roaring hysterically.Everyone received two diametrically opposed orders, but on one side were strange officers who exercise to last longer in bed looked down upon others, and on the other side were comrades who had gone through life and death.What was placed in front of everyone was not a multiple choice question at all.

I would like to invite a few to join my team.You Lin Kai s sneaky eyes kept scanning Susie s exquisite curves.Have you seen enough Susie didn t back down, she looked straight into Lin Kai s eyes with her dull eyes, Yes or no, give me a quick word.This chick is hot enough Lin Kai leaned into viagra cialis or levitra reviews He Jun s ear and said , I like He Jun pursed his lips, turned around and asked, Who wants to join warrior.Then the fighters with special skills were scooped up by various departments of the Union Army, and the unclaimed fighters were not assigned specific positions for the time being, and were temporarily placed in the ginger root and erectile dysfunction barracks for free range breeding.Free range fighters have several places to go one is to search for a suitable department to submit their resumes, and get the department s approval like a company interview, and then they can enter the desired part of the service.

Everyone s expressions immediately turned serious, quietly waiting for Susie s explanation.The earth in front of Susie suddenly enlarged, turning into a large ball with a diameter of more than two meters, on the slowly rotating hologram.A huge land surrounded by azure ocean.Pangu Continent He Jun was startled, What era is this Permian.Susie smiled slightly, I think everyone knows that ghosts have invaded the earth many times, and the fourth invasion was around At the end of the Permian period 250 million years ago, the earth at that time was dominated by amphibians and reptiles, and there were no advanced intelligent creatures.In order to prevent the invasion of the enemy, our fleet fought a battle with the ghosts at the end of the Permian period.A tragic war that lasted for 500,000 years The history of the alliance calls this war ginger root and erectile dysfunction the fourth interstellar war, also known as the Permian counterattack.

Su Xi smirked A trans Neptunian object, Eris with a diameter of 2,400 kilometers.This dwarf planet is far away from the sun, and it has retained its appearance billions of years ago.Our fleet discovered the ghost planet on the modern Eris.The battleship fragments and battle traces indicate that a fierce battle took place here.Understood.He Jun nodded.What do you understand Lin Kai s eyes were full of doubts.I can t tell you clearly.He Jun twitched the corner of his mouth.It s not that he doesn t want to explain, but it s too cumbersome to explain.Lin Kai only knows the moon and the sun at this level, and he always thought that there was a Guanghan Palace on the moon.It would be more enjoyable to give him two knives.527 He Jun did not know much about the pre war preparations.The trans Neptunian celestial bodies are easy to understand, but apart from mike liquor store near me male enhancement pills that work sexual performance Pluto, he can t name any other celestial bodies besides the orbit of Neptune.

Sending the plan to Lin Pei again, Lin Pei didn t even open the document, and asked directly Tell me about your plan, and highlight the highlights.Yes He Jun put on a serious look, I checked According to the astronomical data of the mission time and space, the earth and Jupiter are on both sides of the sun.My plan is to use Venus for the first acceleration after setting sail.Use the sun for the second acceleration, and then use Jupiter for the third acceleration, although the route is tortuous The flight distance is one third longer than the direct flight, but three times of acceleration and appropriate direction adjustment can reduce the direct flight time from forty seven days to thirty two days.Lin Pei put his hand on his chin and pursed his lips Nodded Not bad, what about adding the unexpected factor Thirty five days, it won t be longer.

Ten minutes later, the major took He Jun outside an ordinary office, and after signaling He Jun to go forward, the major left alone, leaving ginger root and erectile dysfunction He Jun standing outside the door alone.He Jun took a deep breath and walked to the door, and shouted, Report Come in A woman s voice came from inside the door, which sounded familiar.He Jun couldn t help being taken aback, pushed open the door and walked into the small office, standing at attention and saluting, just as he was about to speak, the swivel chair with his back turned to him suddenly turned, and there was a handsome man with short hair around his ears in the chair The female officer folded her arms and raised her legs with a smile, her eyes bent into a pair of crescents.562 Reunion how much is viagra at walmart without insurance after a long absence Looking at the unfamiliar face with a somewhat familiar face, He Jun s arm that was about to be raised to the forehead seemed to have been petrified, his eyes were staring like copper bells, and he was stupid and dumb The female officer smiled brighter and centrapeak testosterone review brighter Why, I don t know you Yi, Yi Qi He Jun s mind was about to explode, and he hcl 25mg rushed to Yi Qi with a stride, and grabbed Yi Qi s shoulder Why is it you Where have you been Time flies like water and time flies, and two years have passed in a blink of an eye.

Be careful to sail for thousands of years, even if he, He Jun, is suspicious and narrow what If you don t go in, don t go in, surnamed He, I warn you, stay away from Yi Jian.The major warned in a dark voice.Who are you warning me to stay away from He Jun burst into laughter immediately.This matter is getting more and more interesting today.Could it be that this person is the black hand behind it Captain Yi, Yi Qi, do you understand me the major snorted impatiently.Haha, what s your name He Jun asked suddenly.It s none of your business, said the major coldly.It has nothing to do with me.He Jun smiled, but his expression suddenly changed, and the rapid change caught people off guard, Then let me ask you, does the matter between me and her have anything to do with you You he Damn what kind of onion is it The army is a place that pays attention to superiority and inferiority, but it also depends on what it is, and jealousy definitely has nothing to do with military rank.

At this time, the Daqin received an order from the carrier based aircraft to set sail, and more than a hundred fighters ejected from the battleship like a blowout, and gathered around the battleship for escort in the shortest possible time.The eight warships of the Ghost Starman are also unambiguous.The top corners of each ship are detached layer by layer, guarding near the hexagonal main body.One minute countdown He Jun s heart suddenly rose.The eight triangular warships on the screen were suddenly divided into two, into two four ship formations.He Jun male enhancement pills how they work mike liquor store near me saw the ancient lizard fleet painted with dinosaur heads suddenly separated from his own fleet, and went ginger root and erectile dysfunction straight to one of the fleets.30 second countdown, flagship order, long range missile one base Yi Qi confirmed the order, and the fire control officer immediately executed it.

Once the real ship is hit by the beam, it will immediately provoke the ghost star to attack.Xuehu accidentally received several beams of light, and just after the warship drove to the holographic battleship, hundreds of beams passed through the front position of Xuehu, which scared He Jun into a cold sweat.However, the friendly ship not far from Xuehu was not so lucky He Jun thought it was a holographic warship, but he didn t know it was a friendly ship and not a fake until the bow of the ship was shot and exploded.The warship s bow was cut off in half, and it basically lost its combat capability.However, after only a second or so, the heavily damaged warship suddenly disappeared.He Jun grinned, and suddenly gained confidence in his heart.The communication window was always displayed on the upper corner of the screen, and Mi Li in the window suddenly shouted Fire freely He Jun cheered up Old Lin, it s up to you Look at you Lin Kai haha Laughing, a round of missiles flew out from both sides of the battleship and quickly flew towards the target Awkwardly, he immediately manipulated the battleship to move in translation, and hid steadily behind the holographic battleship.

To be modest, it is nothing to say that the Xuehu killed five enemy ships, and it would immediately offend a group of comrades who had no results in the battle Killing five enemy ships before the end of a battle is indeed too eye catching.Anyway, no one can erase the record.Silence is golden, and there is nothing wrong with ginger root and erectile dysfunction it.Mi Li saw He Jun s thoughts at a glance, and immediately reprimanded Okay, don t put on a telegraph pole here, go back and rest for a while, and leave in an hour.Yes He Jun agreed, looking past Mi Li Commander, are you all back The corner of Mi Li s mouth twitched subtly Not only our fleet, but other fleets as well.Ah They all retreated We lost Hearing the news , He Jun is not well.What nonsense, the support fleet has already arrived.Mi Li glared at He Jun.He Jun blinked and suddenly understood something.

Opening the cabinet under the freezer cabin and putting on a full set of uniform, He Jun left like a morgue.In the cabin full of refrigerated cabins, a person walked slowly along the corridor to the bridge.Wherever He Jun walked, the lights would automatically turn on, erectile dysfunction clinic san diego and the sound of his footsteps echoed deeply in the empty corridor, full of the atmosphere of a thriller.Something unclean followed suit, making him quicken his pace unconsciously.Entering the bridge and returning to the familiar environment, the feeling of maggots attached to the bones finally disappeared.He Jun heaved a long sigh of relief, first increased the power of the reactor, and then turned on the equipment in the bridge one by one.After the main screen was turned on, He Jun found that outside the ship, he could only see the starry sky dotted with dots of starlight, and the shadows of ships hidden under the starry sky, but mike liquor store near me male enhancement pills that work sexual performance nothing else.

It wasn t until the small celestial body entered the atmosphere that Li Xing was shocked to find that the burning speed of the asteroid in the atmosphere was far faster than expected, and there was no possibility of falling to the ground at all.The Lixing people didn t expect the asteroid to play any role at first, so they immediately dispersed their formation and released the Snow Lake that was originally hidden in the battle formation.He Jun was so angry that his cheeks twitched, you Li Xingren, this is using the Snow Lake as bait Although I don t know what happened to the ghost star fleet more ginger root and erectile dysfunction than two hundred years ago, it is not difficult to guess the purpose IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública ginger root and erectile dysfunction of the people from the stars.Fortunately, this ghost star fleet is not as brain dead as the friendly army more than 200 years ago, and did not show the slightest concern for the Snow Lake.

According to He Jun s original idea, everyone, including himself, should be stuffed into the cryogenic compartment and have a good sleep.After waiting for a few months, the solar storm must be over.At that time, you don t need to pat your butt, and you can leave directly and return to the solar system.However, his ideas are always so full, and the reality is always full of skinny feelings.Although his ideas are good, he can t do them at all To put it simply, people must be left to guard the battleship Anyone who has an understanding of astrophysics knows that any celestial body exists in a galaxy, regardless of its size or mass.They are all within the gravitational range of the stars, and the reason why they do not how long does viagra stay in your system fall to the stars is that the flying speed of these celestial bodies is higher than the orbiting speed of their positions.

But the missing battleship was just the opposite.After the battleship left the battlefield, He Jun had a lot of time to think of a solution, and the disappearance itself was very suspicious.If it proves that there is no artificial intelligence in the missing spaceship, it will not be too late to find a way to deal with the sunken warship.He Jun was a little strange.Before departure, Mi Li said that he would be sent directly to the edge of the battlefield, but the outer space of the earth is so calm now, how can there be any signs of fighting Just as I thought of this, a huge beam of light suddenly shot out from the other side of the earth.He Jun immediately realized that the battlefield was on the other side of the earth, and immediately started the spaceship away from the earth.As the spaceship gradually advanced, the tragic battlefield gradually came into He Jun s eyes.

He Jun was still staring at the screen like a fool, and Qin Mu continued Today I finally know, it In fact, I ve been waiting for you. Wait for me He Jun stared at the screen and murmured repeatedly, then suddenly came back to his senses and called softly, Zhu Ji The screen was still on the black bottomed DOS interface, and He Jun hissed He took a deep breath male enhancement pills how they work mike liquor store near me Why didn t you respond Qin Mu stared at He Jun with the eyes of the second fool It s this time, why are you hiding, enter the password Password He Jun was stunned, What password Qin Mu was puzzled Didn t you leave the information saying that you must use a password to open the artificial intelligence Why did you ask me To tell you the truth, I don t know how many times I have tried it.Come back, no matter how advanced the decoder is, it just mike liquor store near me can t break the code, otherwise I can wait until today If I had a normal artificial intelligence, Beihe would not have come to this point.

After a while, Qiqi said bitterly It s not surprising that the Ghost Stars have missiles, right After fighting us for so many years, how could they not study our missiles He Jun s heart trembled, suddenly startled Breaking out in a cold sweat Does the ghost star have a nuclear bomb Everyone was shocked at the same time, and now even Qiqi couldn t answer.However, after the first line alliance warships discovered the ghost star launched missiles, they quickly adjusted their defenses, and some warships launched a batch of missiles tit for tat.The ghost star originally thought that the alliance would intercept the missiles with electromagnetic guns or laser cannons, but they didn t expect that the alliance fleet would only fire a batch of missiles and then there would be no more movement.There are hundreds of battleships on the front lines of both sides, and the number of missiles launched by only one side exceeds five figures.

The forward line retreated to the vicinity of the earth, and the ghost star fleet pressed forward without hesitation, and the battle was imminent.The first to fire was not the Alliance battleship, but the satellite guns orbiting the outer space of the earth.The diameter of the satellite cannon is more than 100 meters, and it looks like a fruit that has been gnawed.In the depression are densely packed lasers.Its range and power are much stronger than the main gun of the battleship.Hundreds of satellite cannons fired together, and two triangular warships were destroyed in one shot.This was the first result achieved by the alliance side, and the alliance fleet immediately rejoiced.The ghost star fleet immediately launched a counterattack, and also adopted the tactics of focusing fire.The satellite cannons had no armor at all, and were high quality targets with thin skins and heavy fillings.

Alliance class warships have never been opponents of triangle warships.Once a direct confrontation meijer supplements is launched, the outcome is often that the alliance warships suffer huge losses, while the ghost star fleet suffers slight losses.This time the confrontation was no exception.In order to minimize the gap in strength between the two sides, the alliance flagship put all the fleets into sexual pill for men ginger root and erectile dysfunction the battlefield in one go, leaving only the fleet directly above the alliance city to guard the alliance city.The Snow Lake happened to be one of the battleships left behind.There are a large number of warships participating in the battle, but the front lines of both sides are well maintained, the situation on the battlefield is clear at a glance, and they have not fallen into a dog tooth melee.The reason why the ghost starmen always keep the combat distance is because the weapon range of the ghost star warship is higher than that of the alliance warship, and keeping the distance is very beneficial to the ghost star fleet.

It was already two o clock in the middle of the night, He Jun remembered that he should have just fallen asleep, he gently sexual pill for men ginger root and erectile dysfunction opened the bedroom door, and the other He Jun was indeed sleeping on the bed.The linido max appearance of the two how to acquire viagra people is very similar, but the vicissitudes of life in the past few years have made He Jun mature a lot.He showed a nostalgic smile and said softly Let s start A mess of instruments, one of which buckled the helmet shaped device on the head of the otaku He Jun, nodded heavily It s time to start.He Jun took the other helmet and put it on, and his brain and his past self immediately communicated.Instruments are connected together.Time was limited, He Jun didn t dare to delay, and immediately left the most critical memory in his past self.For example, the structure of alliance class battleships, and how to choose a certain key point in time.


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